Little Steps From Heavy Legs

So Here I Am..

Writing My First Ever Blog Post.

Now Don’t Get Me Wrong I Have Kept a Fitness Diary For Years Which Also Contains Personal Info Because For Me My Fitness Is Powered By My Home Life.

Well It All Started When I Fell Pregnant, I Had Always Been The Chubby Girl In School I Have One Of Them Body’s Thats Like a Potato Yes a Potato ! No Boobs No Bum Just This Slab imageOf Awkwardly Shaped Flab.

Obviously Falling Pregnant My Body Began To Change I Decided This Is It I Am Not Going To Be a Frumpy Heavy Mother Who Uses The Excuse Im Fat Because I Had a Child , Harsh ? Maybe But I HATE That Excuse !

Soon After My Son Was Born I Took Up Jogging My God I Was Unfit ! I Could Literally Jog 5 Steps & Be Wheezing Red & Dizzy But I Kept At It ! Four Months On I Was Sprinting Eating 1200 Calories a Day Throwing Up Anything I Ate Over This Running Twice a Day It Was Majorly UnHealthy.

This Continued Until I Realised I Had a Rat Face a Weathered Rat Face With No Shape To My Body At All Other Than Bones This I Thought Was Worse Than The Flabby Body.

I Decided To Research Correct Nutrition And WeightLifting I No Longer Admired My Bony Weak Physique.

With That I Turned Around My Life I Started Lifting Weights , Doing HIIT Workouts , Eating Correctly & Eating a Lot More Than I Was Use Too No Binge Eating No Starving.

This Was It This Was The Start Of My New Life…

Nearly 2 Years On & I Have Curves & a Defined Core , a Low BodyFat & A Serious Love For What I Do.

I Have Become a Healthy Role Model For My Son, My Friends & Family & Hopefully Inspire People Too Make The Changes That I Have.

I Have a Fitness Instagram Page With Workout Videos, Recipes & Inspirational Posts Which Are Viewed From People All Over The World.

I Don’t Have The Most Followers In The World But The Ones I Do Have I Hope Too Inspire.

I Am Going To Be Blogging About Nutritional Advice, Workout Tips & Some Motherly Family Life Things Too, I Hope You Read My Posts & Become Inspired Too.

Positive Vibes & Love 😘

#Fit #Fitness #FitFam #FitMom #BodyBuilding #FitnessBlogger #FitnessJourney

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