What Does It For You ?

Fitness Is Many Things To Many People.
For Some It’s a Task, It’s Effort, It’s a Punishment For That Nice Cheat Meal They Had Yesterday.
Others Think Of It As a Waste Of Time YOLO & All That Why Not Eat What You Want Laze Around & Think People That Are So Into Fitness Are ‘Sad’ & ‘Losers’ That Don’t Enjoy Their Life’s Enough.
Then You Have The Part Timers That Go In & Out Of Fitness Take Up Classes Or An Exercise Go Hard At It Burn Out After a Few Weeks/Months Then Repeat Twice a Year.
Now We Get Too The Fanatics The Ones Who Love Fitness Who Enjoy It Who Sometimes Don’t Enjoy It But Are Committed & Keep Too It & Encourage Anyone They Can.
I Myself Am a Fanatic. I Love Fitness I Sometimes Dread a Workout As Much As The YOLO Types But I Know 10 Minutes In I Will Be Glad I Have Followed Through.
I Have Many Different Drives For My Love For Fitness Firstly I Was That Fat Kid At School That Couldn’t Do Sport Second I Want To Be Fit & Healthy & Inspire My Son Too Be Too & Thirdly I Want To Love My Body I Want To Look In The Mirror & Feel Good About Myself.
Fitness Is a Huge Escape For Me I Definitely Run Too It To Hide From Problems & Too OverCome Them Too I Always Get My Best Workouts In When Im Angry Or Upset But The Amazing Thing About Fitness Is It Gives You Time To Reflect To Deal With Issues But Don’t Get Me Wrong Exercising Happy Only Makes Me Happier Too.
I Feel A lot Of Times People Are In a Catch 22 Situation, They Have a Bad Week Drink & Eat To Mask Their Issues Then Get Heaver More Uncomfortable Drink & Eat Again This Goes Around & Around , Where As a Workout Can Be An Amazing Form Of Therapy, a Positive Way Too Deal With Your Day.
Interested In Knowing Whats Your Reason ?
What Motivates You ?