Be Good Too You..

I Read An Article Recently About Happiness Coming From The Inside, Very Good Reading Actually.
This One Sentence Stuck With Me
‘Be Good Too Yourself’
Which I Immediately Thought Well I Am Good Too Myself, I Eat Healthy Foods, I Workout, I Have Relaxing Baths, I Do My Hair & MakeUp, I Dress Well Wow Im Very Good Too Myself I Thought.
It Was Nearly a Week Later I Came Across a Quote Picture
‘Don’t Be Too Harsh On Yourself’
Then It Hit Me I Totally Misinterpreted The Original Quote!
Yes I May Do All These Things To Keep My Body Well & Pretty But I Actually Am Not Very Good To Me At All.
You See Me, I am An OverThinker.
No Mater How Hard I Try I Self Criticise & Obsess About Myself On a Daily Basis.
Don’t Get Me Wrong Here I Can Take Criticism , Peoples Opinions Don’t Faze Me At All There Was a Time They Would But I’ve Grown Up & Realised Here For Me, Another Perfect Quotation..
‘Whats Normal To The Spider Is Chaos To The Fly’
This I Think Fuelled My Turning Point On Peoples Opinions Mattering Lol.
My Own Criticism On The Other Hand Would Cripple a Good Day , Id Never Feel Good Enough, Why Me Id Think With My Relationship There’s Nothing Nice Too Me, Id Take Pictures & Tear Myself Apart Piece By Piece Pick Out & Highlight Every Fault.
This Is a Thing Many People Do, When The Reality Is Nobody Notices The Slight Lazy Eye In Your Selfie, Your Slight OverHang In Them Jeans Or Your Lack Of Cleavage In That Dress.
I Have Learned Recently Very Recently That I Have Too Be Good Too Myself & I Hope Anyone Reading This Will Begin Doing The Same!
Its a Huge Weight Off When You Don’t Hold Yourself Back With All The Nit Picking You Do Too Yourself.
Everyday I Have To Tell Myself Your Beautiful , Your Body’s Amazing, Your Enough, Your Comfortable With Yourself.
As Silly As It Sounds It’s Something I Need & I Think Many Other People Do Too.
There Are Enough Critics In This World Always Be An Encourager!

Love & Good Vibes 😘