I Wish I Was Like You

Literally The Most Annoying Thing a Person Can Say When Referring To Your Hard Work.
Clean Eating Is Hard Very Hard !
Workouts Are Hard, Pushing a Yourself Is Hard, There Is Nothing Easy When You Live A Fitness LifeStyle.
You May Live For It You May Enjoy It More Than Anything In The World But It’s Still Hard Work At Times & Takes a Serious Amount Of Dedication & Control.
I Get People Say It All The Time

‘I Wish I Was Like You, I Just Like My Food Too Much’

‘I Wish I Had Your Enthusiasm, I Dread Working Out’

People Aren’t Born To Love Eating Clean & Exercising Hard.
Sometimes You Have To Force It Sometimes You Give In & Have That Cookie!
There Is No Difference Between You & That Fitness Model Other Than She Puts In The Hard Work Don’t Give Your Self These Excuses If You
Do You’ll Never Accomplish Much Both In Your Fitness Life & Social One.

Love & Positive Vibes 😘