The Naked Body

As a Fitness Fanatic & An Encourager I Post Body Shots On My Instagram Fitness Page Not For Comparisons But To Motivate Both People And Myself.
I Have a Four Year Old Son So I Realise How Amazing An Fluid The Body Can Be, Sometimes I Post Pictures That Make Me Feel Bad
‘Im Not In As Good Shape As Last Month’
But I Post Them In Anyways, Why?
Well Because EveryOnes Entitled To Fall Down Or Slip Up With There Workouts/Diet & I Want People To See Yeah You Put Back On a Few But Look You Can Lose Them Again!
There Had Been a Meme Going Around Social Media Before, Probably Still Today It Read:
‘I Don’t Work Out To Be Fit, I Work Out Too Look Good Naked’ Or Something To That Effect Lol.
And It’s True When You Work Out You Fall In Love With Your Body With Your Curves,Points & Everything In Between.
Which Brings Me Too My Point Of Topic Who Sees Our Body’s?
Our Partners, Our Friends, The Gals In The Gym Changing Rooms.
For Something We Work So Hard On Too Make It What We Want Lean, Curvy, Big, Boney Ect. Why Do We Make Our Body’s Most Uncomfortable To Show?
A Certain Kind Of Confidence Comes With Regularly Working Out You Know You Look Well You Start To Be Comfortable In Yourself But Still There’s That Awkward Feeling & I Don’t Know What It Is ?
Is It Society?
Is It Our Relationships?
Is It Just Plainly In Our Heads?
At The Beach Alone Ill Just Be There In My Bikini Bottoms No Embarrassment No Awkwardness, On My Instagram I Will Be In Tiny Shorts & Workout Bra Again No Awkwardness.
For Years I Never Felt Comfortable In My Body, Id See These Girls Twice My Size In Clothes That Would Fit a 3 Year Old Strolling About & Think My God I Couldn’t Go Out Like That Id Die !
It’s Taken Me 22 Years But Im Finally Okay With My Body & How I Look , I Know 100% I Would Never Had Got This Body Confident & Body Loving Without Exercise & Weights.

Love & Positivity šŸ˜˜