Surprising Booty Gains

Well Where Do I Start…
For Months Well Actually More Than Months a Year Straight I Had 3 Leg Days a Week 2 In The Gym Lifting Heavy Weights Squat Rack, DeadLifts Power Sets & Until Failure Then One Plyo Leg & Bum Workout a Week & Well I Had a Pert Nice Round Bum But It Was No Kim K.
I’ve Been In Sydney Four Months Now With a Serious Upheaval & Dramatic Change In Routine My Clean Eating Meal Prep Everyday Has Truly Gone Out The Window I Still Try But Being Honest It’s A Joke Compared To How Organised & Clean It Was At Home Also Because Of New Commitments & The Fact My Son Isn’t In DayCare As Much (It’s $100 Dollars a Day Btw) Still Shocks Me Lol Well I Don’t Get To Go More Than Twice A Week But Despite All This Which I Thought Would 100% Turn Me Into My Pre Child Whale Body I’ve Actually Got Pretty Good Gains , And Where Too You Ask? Well My Ass 🙂
Every Gals Dream Lol, It’s Still Pert & Round But Has Expanded Inches I Wasn’t Getting This Inches When I Was Smashing Legs 3x a Week In The Gym Just Really Shows That Sometimes We Need a Little More Food To Grow!
Saying That I Am Currently Getting More On Top Of My IIFYM & Eating Clean Cause I Do Miss My Abs But Boy Am I Thanking The Gain Gods For My Booty 🙂

Don’t Get Me Wrong Im Still Working Out 6 Days a Week But Now Power HIIT Workouts & Some Yoga But It’s Amazing How My Body Has Progressed After Not Focusing On My Intense Glute Workouts Anymore

Love & Positivity 😘