A Sudden Epiphany

Im Not Quite Sure What Brought This New Mindset Around Maybe It Was All My Time In The Ocean This Week Inspiring Me, But Today It Hit Me

‘What Am I Doing???’

Yeah It Was As Simple As That.
I am Currently Living In One Of The Most Beautiful City’s In The World With The Man I Love & My Beautiful Happy & Healthy Child, With Endless Oppertuinites Awaiting Why Am I Being Such a Slug??
Yes To Be Fair I’ve Been Enjoying Food Enjoying Lazing On The Beach But Enough Is Enough Im Not One Of These People Who Feel Everything Needs To Be Together By 30 Or 25 Or Some Other Ridiculous MileStone But I Do Want To Live My Dreams & Being So Blessed Already Im Not Just Going To Float Through Life For The Next Few Years I Have Goal & Dreams And Starting From This Morning There All Being Put In Motion Well Small Balls Are Rolling In The Right Directions In Anyways Lol.
When In Ireland Just Before Arriving Here I Was At My Fitness Peak My God My Body Was Lean & Strong And Today Is The First Day Of Getting That Body Back !
A Goal Of Mine Since My Fitness Journey Started Was Too Compete & I Will, I Want To Train My Body To Be Better Than Ever Before And Thats What I Have Started Today.
Im Going To See What Ways I Can Also Further My Educational Skills As College Was a Huge Achievement For Me And Im Not Gonna Let It Slip Away Now So I Will Be Looking Into Studying Too.
Today Is a Very Motivational Day For Me Today Is The Start Of Big Things From Here On Out I Will Follow My Dreams I Will Work My But Off And Be That Person I Want Too Be!

Positivity & Good Vibes ALWAYS 😘