February Goals? Where Is January Gone!?

Well I Cannot Believe Its February Tomorrow Where Has The Time Gone ?
Well I Can Say My January Goals Have Not Gone 100% But a 90% Isn’t Bad I Tried To Stay More On Track With My Foods & Too Work Out 5 Times Plus Which I Stuck Too Bar This Week As I Had a Crazy Hectic Week No Spear Time (My Excuses Make Me Cringe) But Really Being Honest I Just Was Too Lazy Old Me Would Have Powered Through Before Bed No Matter How Tired I Was Old Me Will Return This Month As My Commitments Are On Going So Even If Im Tired & Exhausted I Will Power Through!
Im Currently Still Following My HIIT Programme Consistently As I’ve No Childminder Too Go To The Gym Missing Them Heavy Weights 😦
Soooooo What Gets Me Onto This Months Goals !!

To Be More Consistent, Dedicated & Prepared For The Days Ahead Of Me I Have a Routine In Place For The Next Few Weeks So Meal Prep Will Be The Key To Leaning Up!

I Will Be Busy Monday To Friday But Regardless Of Being Tired I Will Get Minimum 5 HIIT Sessions In Complete With Abs Afterwards & One Jog/Sprints! New PR’s!

I Will Make Sure I Take Full Advantage Of That Which Is The Simplicity Of Pen & Paper & Write Down Workouts Daily Macros & Moods Daily (It Will Only Take 5 Minutes Yet I Make It a HUGE Deal IDK Why).

Lower Puhleasssssseeeee

•Quality Time
With My Bubs(My Son) & My Partner I Need Too Appreciate My Time With Them More It’s Precious.

•Me Time
Not Likely Lets Be Honest But An Hour In The Bath With My Book Once a Week Can Surly Be Possible? Ill Be Happy With An Alone Workout

•More Love
Just Overall More Love For Myself Sounds Stupid But It Makes You Happier If Your Happy With Yourself

•More In The Moments
Self Explanatory Really…

What Are Your Goals For February?

Just Realised Another Im Writing This From My So Far Favourite Beach In Sydney Bronte Beach Which Leads Me To Another Goal Not Just For a Month Doh I Want To Be More Appreciative Im Blessed To Live In Such An Amazing Country!