Injury Friendly Workouts?

Hello Guys, Well My Last Post Was All About My Goals This Month And Well It Started Really Well Fasted HIIT & Abs This Morning Then *Disaster* I Broke My Toe !!

I Have Fractured The Bone & Have To Wear a Ridiculous Shoe Boot!
Well I Managed To Make It Until The Fine Age Of 22 With No Breaks I Suppose That Was A Good Run.

To Be Honest Im Feeling Quite Worried About How The Next Few Weeks Will Go I Rely Totally On HIIT Workouts Which As You Know Are Very Energetic & You Need Too Good Weight Baring Feet Too Carry Them Out,
Soooooo What Are My Options?

I Know There’s Still Lots I Can Use From My Workouts That I Will Just Have To Modify & For My Body & Muscle Groups Without My Foot But Just Wondering Has Anyone Any Ideas, Tips Or Tricks On The Matter?

Positivity & Love As Always 😘