Helpful ‘Battle The Bulge’ Tips

Well These Are Some Simple Tips I’ve Come Across Over The Years & I’ve Kept In My Routine.
As a Previous ‘Fat Girl’ & a Post Pregnancy Body Owner These Are Some Things I Found Quite Helpful On My Way 🙂

•Drink Two Glasses Of Water First Thing When You Wake Up, It Gives Your Metabolism kick Start Before You Eat Anything

•Try Eat Protein With Every Meal Weather That Be a Side Of Chicken, Eggs, Nuts, Natural Yogurt, Cottage Cheese Ect.

•Fasted Cardio Is The ONLY Cardio Thats Worth It, This Is 100% Just My Opinion But I Use To Slave Away At Cardio Then When I Restricted Myself To Just Fasted Cardio My Body Fat Went Down Faster Then Just Regular

•TAKE PICTURES! Fat Pictures, Ugly Pictures, Bulking Pictures, Toned Pictures, Skinny Pictures, There’s No Better Comparison Along Your Journey Then Comparing Pictures It’s Great To Have a Visual Of How Far You’ve Come

•Body Fat Not Body Weight, Nothing Irritates Me More Than People Saying I’ve Just To Get Down To *Stone *Kilos Why Where Has This Number Come From ??
Don’t Get Me Wrong When You Have Quite a Bit Of Weight To Lose Target Goals Are Needed But When Your Just Trying To Get Fit & Healthy Body Fat Is What You Should Be Focusing On

•Eat Breakfast, I Don’t Know How Many People I Have Heard That Say Oh I Never Eat Breakfast With a Smirk As If It’s Some Kind Of Accomplishment, It’s Not.
Breakfast Is Vital, It Sets You Up For a Good Day.

•Drink Water. As Hard As It Is Sometimes To Down That Last Litre Do It Hydration Is Sooooo Important For Lots Of Reasons Im Not Going To Write Essays Here Just Take My Word For It Lol.

•Food/Workout Dairy’s Are Brilliant To Keep You Motivated, Writing Down How Amazing You Felt After Your Workouts Will Encourage You To Workout More

•Coconut Oil, Just In General Just For Everything Cooking Food, Baking, Your Skin, Your Hair & It Smells Amazing Just Get It

I’ve Actually Just Realised I’ve So Many, Maybe a Part II & III Will Have To Be Done…

As Always Love & Positivity 😘