Whats Hiding In Your Food?

As a Health Conscious Individual Who Is Very Educated In Nutrition And Also The Added Fact Of Having a Child Who Has Anaphylactic Reactions To a Number Of Allergens I Have Always Been Aware Of The Ingredients In The Food I am Buying.

Or So I Thought… I Have Had a Lot Of Issues With Food Since Being In Sydney And Although They Have So Many More Health Options Than Ireland (My Opinion) The Price Of A Clean Whole Food Diet Over Here Is a Lot More Expensive Than In Ireland But Thats The Cost Of Living In One Of The Most Beautiful Places In The World.

I Went To a Dermatologist As I’ve Had Lots Of Skin Problems In The Last Few Months I Initially Put It Down To Wearing Oil/Factor And Obviously Sweating More From The Heat But As It’s Gotten Progressively Worse I Decided To Get It Seen To.

I Was Told I Have Developed Stress & Food Related Acne. What ??
Firstly I’ve Always Been a Stressy Person Not By Habit Just By Circumstance And If Anything I Preform Best Under Stress So Now The Thought Of It Making Me Develop Acne Was Ludicrous But Obviously The Doctors *Usually Right…
Secondly Food ? Im Usually So Good At Eating Clean In Saying That I Have Run Amuck At Times With My Diet Since Moving Here But Enough To Ruin My Face?

I Then Decided Too Look Into It More And Discovered That Their Are So Many Different Additives In Food Here Than At Home Im Fully Aware Food At Home Have Preservatives & Additives But I Was Surprised By Some Of The Heath Food Advertised Over Here That Contain a Whole Lot Of Them.

I Have To Say It Really Opened My Eyes. Its Not Only The Obvious Foods That Contain a Lot Of Additives Even When You Think Your Aware Of Foods You Can Be Wrong…

Currently Im Using Tea Tree Organic Face Wash And Tea Tree Organic Oil Along With Taking Zinc & Vitamin C To Help Combat This Acne.
Some Well Needed R&R & A Very Basic Whole Food Diet Is Needed ASAP Until Then No Selfies Lol

As Always Love & Positivity 😘