8 Week Plan :)

So it’s been a while guys!

Sorry I have now bought a laptop so there will be NO more neglecting my blog!

Well where do I Start? 

Fitness Stats:

I am up 2 kilos and 3 inches plus on my glutes which is rock hard might I add so I am happy J

Now its time for me to lose the excess fat so from tomorrow I am back on my 8 week cutting meal plan.

It’s the simplest plan for me it’s easily made food quick enough for a meal prep Sunday which I usually dread if the food takes a long time to make.

I have just filled my lunch boxes and I am excited for the results ahead!

I think that’s the main thing to focus on when cutting or carb cycling or really any kind of food plan you commence.

The only thing that EVER gets me through it is the image I have of myself at the end, some days are hard and some training days are harder but picturing yourself at the end will always make you strive though.

I am going to use this time (and my new laptop) to document my daily foods along with my complete macro count onto the blog so others can see how it’s done.

I will continue to stick to to my HIIT and weight routine as usual during this time upping my cardio slightly to help the process along, I am just super excited to see my improvements this time around.

I have also started waist training during the time I have been missing.

I have to say I do feel what all the fuss is about I have noticed changes in my body my waist is definitely smaller.

I have only been using it around the house and during cardio as I feel it’s in the way during my HIIT workouts as they involve a lot of jumping around and it was just PLAIN uncomfortable to be honest. 

I am also in the process of furthering my fitness studies!!! AGHHHHH <- The Excitement

I have decided to undergo some fitness courses while here in Sydney to further myself and my career I have started and I am pumped to share all my new knowledge with you all! 

I will start my 8 week plan tomorrow look out for my daily stats!

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Until tomorrow! 

Love & Positivity Always x