Day 1 

Hellooooooo 🙂

I hope everyone had/has a productive Monday! Or maybe just one not as harsh as they had imagined lol.

So today was my first official day of my eight week plan.

I have taken pictures with the TimeStampIt App 🙂


This is a handy free app that posts the date & time on the picture you have just taken I will upload this picture four weeks into my plan along with that week’s picture, I will do the same on my final eight week (the excitement). 

So my day has gone good!

Woke up at 6:00am doing my morning fasted HIIT workout along with stretches <- I found during my journey to the point I am at now that stretching is VERY effective and everyone should partake in some!

Followed by my breakfast, school run (well walk my Fitbit haunts me), Lunch, Post Lunch, Dinner, Tea and litres and litres of water in between!

Quarter of a cup of organic gluten free oats made with water plus two egg whites 

One scoop of my gold standard whey chocolate protein powder 

4oz of chicken baked 

2 cups of broccoli 

Quarter cup of brown rice

Franks hot sauce (a friend gave me a bottle last week it’s now my soy sauce replacement)

Organic apple plus 2 table spoons of natural low in sugar Greek yogurt

3oz of chicken baked & Asparagus 

Protein Shake – Well I actually felt like eating into something so I mixed my 1 scoop with 60mls of water and a pinch of baking powder and make a yummy ugly brownie type thing which I found on Instagram by an Irish trainer @the_beltsander 🙂

I also managed to meet my Fitbit target of 12,000 steps!

Looking forward to tomorrow….

Until then love & positivity as always 😘

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