Day 2 

Transformations Happen on Tuesdays! 

Not really but well it sounded like a good intro 

So day two went well I bounced out of bed at 6 ready for the day!

This is always one of the benefits of changing your diet and exercise the energy change.

Yes you will have your tired days where you don’t feel like you could possibly master the walk to the bathroom let alone an active day with some intense training but the majority of your days while eating healthy nutritious food (with the odd cheat, let’s be honest) and training regularly and correctly you will feel energised & ready for action. 

Day two was one of these days which came in quite handy as I am currently in the middle of moving.

Here is my day’s breakdown

6:00am wake up followed by HIIT 

Quarter of a cup of organic gluten free oats made with water plus two egg whites (very boring I know but I honestly would eat this breakfast forever I love my oats)

One scoop of my gold standard whey chocolate protein powder

4oz of chicken baked 

¼ cup of quinoa 


2 tsp of chia seeds (mixed with the quinoa)

One Chicken sushi roll with avocado <- not in my plan lol

2oz of Tuna 

One cup of green beans 

Protein Brownie – mixed 60mls of water, pinch of baking powder and one scoop of protein.

All prepped for tomorrow this means food, workout clothes and water.

Training some days can be daunting who doesn’t want that extra hour in bed but I have always found if I go to bed with my clothes, music and water ready with a vision of myself working out in the morning I always wake up ready to go, such a worthwhile little tip! 

As always love & positivity 

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