Day 3

Happy Humpday! 

This Week Is Flying Through Can’t Believe It’s Almost Friday Again 🙈 

So Day Three… 

Woke Up At 6:00am Still Have That Pumped Energy & Long May It Last! 

Fasted HIIT Followed By Lots Of Stretching a Mid Week Stretch Is Always Good Well Stretching Is Always Good No Matter What Day. 

Quarter Cup Of Organic Gluten Free Oats Made With Water <- I Swear I Will Be More Adventurous On The Weekend When I Have Time Lol 

One Organic Banana 

One Scoop Of Golden Standard Whey Protein 

4oz Of Chicken Baked 

1/2 Ripe Avocado 

1/4 Cup Quinoa 

2 Cups Of Baby Spinach 

Healthy Gluten Free Banana & Choc Chip Small Muffin From The Snack Club Sydney 

2oz of Tuna 

1 Cup of Broccoli 

Protein Brownie – 60mls of Water, Pinch Of Baking Powder & One Scoop Of Protein 🙂 

Tomorrows Blog Is Going To Focus On My Supplements & Why I Feel The Need To Take Them 🙂

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As Always Love & Positivity 😘