Day 4-7

Training – on track

Eating – on track

Water – on track 

Studying – on track

Parenting – on track 

Sleeping & everything else – out the window



Not to panic though everything can be ‘caught up on’ even my blog posts!

So well studying is a new one to the list!

I’ve decided to further my education whilst here in Sydney & take up my diploma in fitness Yay! Little owl me forgot how ridiculously hard studying was while balancing out an already busy life was but it’s always good to further your knowledge.

So my meals have gone basically the same bar an avo, feta & smoked salmon smash from the coffee club and I am NOT even sorry 😉

Since last week I have been recording some of my favourite HIIT routines and favourite exercises for target areas that will be up for the weekend.

As always love & positivity 

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