Consistency is key!

Consistency is key.. one of the very motivational quotes I see on social media everyday and its spot on!

Obviously it can be used for lots of different areas of life but one I focus hugely on is fitness. 

Everyone can work out/train great for a week then lose it or make healthy choices for two days before dropping it, it’s not about killing yourself focusing so much on a military routine that it ends up making you unhappy it’s the total opposite. 

The main reason people give up and this is in my opinion from personal experience is that they are unhappy in their routine, they dread the gym and the food options they’ve given themselves in their new heath kick.

Being consistent is a lot easier when you enjoy what you’re doing and that’s easily what you should be doing, stuff that you enjoy.

Yes there are days I have to drag myself out of bed to train but I am always on top of the world afterwards. 

If you’re struggling with consistency plan ahead if you’re prepared there’s not much that can go wrong. 

If your unhappy find something you’re happy to do, a new type of training, a new fitness class, a new training area it can even be as simple as new workout gear or a fresh playlist it’s all about keeping yourself happy and motivated this will keep you on track and help you say consistent.

This week I have started a new position in the city and my god the food court up there is amazing soooooo much choice the first two days out there I was unprepared lunch wise and had to pick the best choices I could from the food court which wasn’t easy I tell you!

That’s what has to be done when you have a bigger goal in mind, it comes down to lots of little choices. 

It was my birthday this week so cake was had J 

I do not feel guilty for when I have something unhealthy now and again because all the other healthy choices I make.

I think it’s a real shame when people are food shamed if you work hard and make good choices the majority of the time you more than deserve something nice and bold every now and again. 

So I am off to smash my shoulders, happy Sunday folks!