Motivation… Where’s It At? 

Motivation… where’s it at? 


Well today was a weird week for me being the busy bee I am its usually hard for me to fit in training but this week it was even a bit harder for some reason I had to push a little bit harder for the motivation needed. 

This happens to the best of them I’m told so I relied on one of the most used and most motivational quotes (in my opinion)

‘Remember why you started’ 


What a good way to push yourself then think about why this matters to you in the first place.

In a fast paced world it’s easy to forget ‘why’ we do the things we do most of the time we just go through the process and motions of everyday forgetting the importance of each and everything that we do, so it’s important sometimes to take a moment an remember why we started. 

So where did your journey to a better healthier life start?

Well my fitness journey started after I had my son, I refused to use the fact that I had a child as the reason I was overweight or unfit.

I was always a chubby kid even before I had my son I was overweight and unhealthy eating unhealthy foods and not exercising ever.

I’ve had quite an up and down with food binge eating and making myself vomit for years although this NEVER made me ‘skinny’ or ‘thin’ it just made me more unhealthy.

After having my son I decided I needed to be comfortable in my own skin how could I play with him if I was embarrassed about the fat hanging over my jeans or my top being too tight I wanted my son to grow up where health is everything in his home and exercise is something that we enjoy.

This was the start of my fitness journey this was my choice to do this for me and to do this for my son although over the years I have added many different reasons to this list but this will always be the foundation of my journey.

As Always Love & Positivity 😘