Too Busy 

This is something that everyone everywhere has at some point has used as an excuse to get out of something, and sometimes it is totally valid; sometimes you really can’t find the time to fit an extra appointment/activity into you day.

Although more times than not its actually just an excuse you make up and sometimes believe yourself because let’s face it you don’t want to schedule another thing into  your day or week, I get that; and most will relate. 

I think in these circumstances we really need to look at the bigger picture obviously as this is a fitness blog I am going to shine the light on people that are ‘too busy’ to workout, which sometimes will include me giving myself that excuse.


So using the bigger picture and analyzing weather you could possibly fit in a workout or not usually shines a bright light on the simple fact that you do have time (sorry guys & my sometimes lazy self). 

The excuses can range from work, social commitments, children, study and most definitely tiredness, now tiredness I can get sometimes you can really be exhausted and in those cases I would definitely recommend go have a rest!

Yes when we have goals I would encourage anyone especially myself to push through the tiredness and get the gym in but sometimes listening to your body is what’s best and one day off won’t affect all of your previous or future hard work. 

Although the ‘too busy’ excuse rarely fly’s with me for example I have always juggled my priorities from newborn, single mother, college, studies, friends, family and fitness to toddler, boyfriend, work, studies, housewife and fitness along with the other things life likes to through at you to keep us on our toes; I find when people use the ‘too busy’ excuse I want to organize their weekly planner for them. 

I am not looking for a well done for my prioritizing as sooooo many people juggle so much more and still manage to make their health and fitness a priority which inspires me to make sure that I never use that silly ‘too busy’ excuse. 

Yes you may have to sacrifice a longer sleep, stay up later or give up some of your telly time but honestly you will able to free up 30 minutes a day to do a quick HIIT exercise or hit the weights, a short workout is better than no workout 🙂 

As Always Love & Positivity 😘