Not So Healthy…

Not So Healthy? 

So apparently  (I always had my sneaky suspicions)  from studies people who are choosing Gluten free options (to be healthy) are actually not making a healthy choice.

According to studies done by  a Professor of Nutrition, Peter Clifton there is no health benefit of adopting a gluten-free diet for those without allergies in fact they can actually be a less healthy choice.


Over the last few years I have heard of girls choosing ‘healthy gluten free alternatives’ to lose weight and to be honest I always found this quite silly, being a mother of a child who is gluten intolerant and knowing the costs and (in my opinion) yucky taste I don’t know why a person would adopt the gluten free diet without having been diagnosed as having coeliac disease or being  gluten intolerant. 

 (Don’t get me wrong anyone with coeliac disease or with gluten intolerance should 100% choose gluten free produce for their health my son included)

It makes sense that some gluten free foods actually contain a higher carbohydrate percentage than that of products which contain gluten as they have to use alternative sources of carbohydrate such as potato or rice products.


Also from baking gluten free sweet and savoury dishes for my son I have noticed that some recipes require for lots of additives such as sugar and  honey to make the dishes more tolerable to the pallet. 


I just found this article to be very good especially as in this day and age people love a new diet or new fad trend for weight loss, and then lose hope when they don’t see results I am all for new information on foods and healthy alternatives but you have to do your own research before jumping on the lasted hype especially when it comes down to your health, although you should always put in some amount of research (if only we researched harmful effects of  over plucking eyebrows in the 90’s).