After my post on my Aloe Vera gel routine, I have had a few questions on other products that I swear by (and my god that is a long a** list!).

Since it’s something that my readers are interested in I’ve decided to do a post on each of the products I think are VITAL in my life and for my body 🙂

So over the next few weeks I will be telling you all about my favorite products, why they are my favorite and what the benefits from using them are (exciting stuff!).

Second on my list after Aloe Vera Gel is Dandelion Tea!

Dandelion Tea is something that I have been drinking over a year now after two recommendations one from my close friend Danielle and one from my fitness inspiration Orla Hopkins  (Irish fitness competitor).

I immediately loved the taste to dandelion tea it’s refreshing and light I have been drinking it throughout the Sydney summer with no issues (And may I remind you it gets freakin’ hot here!).

I drink mine plain with no sweeteners although you can buy brands with honey & alternative sweeteners if the taste isn’t for you.

Digestive Aid – Dandelion acts as a mild laxative that promotes digestion, stimulates appetite, and balances the natural and beneficial bacteria in the intestines.

Kidney – This weed-like super food is a diuretic that helps the kidneys clear out waste, salt, and excess water. This inhibits microbial growth in the urinary system too.

Liver – Dandelion has been shown to improve liver function by removing toxins and re-establishing hydration and electrolyte balance.

Antioxidants – Every part of the dandelion plant is rich in antioxidants that prevent free-radical damage to cells and DNA, slowing down the aging process in our cells.

Cancer – Dandelion acts against cancer to slow its growth and prevent its spread. The leaves are especially rich in the antioxidants and nutrients that combat cancer.

Diabetes – Recent animal studies show promise that dandelion helps regulate blood sugar and insulin levels.

High Blood Pressure – As a diuretic dandelion increases urination which then lowers blood pressure. The fiber and potassium in dandelion also regulate Blood Pressure.

Cholesterol – Animal studies have shown that dandelion lowers and control cholesterol levels.

Gallbladder – Dandelion increases bile production and reduces inflammation to help with gallbladder problems and blockages.


Inflammation – Dandelion contains essential fatty acids and nutrients that reduce inflammation throughout the body. This can relieve pain and swelling.

Immune System – Animal studies also show that dandelion boosts immune function and fights off microbes and fungi.

Skin Care – Washing your face with Dandelion tea promotes amazing cleansing, applying it directly to skin with acne promotes healing.

I hope this has encouraged you to try one of my favorite products 🙂