My Nutritional Favorites (2)

After making the move to Sydney the dreaded ‘Sydney Stone’ got me!!

Being relaxed on my training and eating out all the time made me pile on the pounds being me I took this as a plus more fat to turn to muscle (let’s just pretend I was bulking) so I went down to my nutrition store – Mass Nutrition Bondi Junction.

I wanted to lose weight by bumping up my fasted cardio and H.I.I.T which was pretty straight forward although I didn’t want to lose this muscle I had gained (Definitely did NOT want to lose my booty), the staff id Mass Nutrition are super nice and informative not at all pushy and explained L – carnitine completely to me & gosh I was sold!

I have been using this ever since and it is a product that will ALWAYS be in my daily routine now J

I have listed some of the main benefits below! Well worth a read & a try in my opinion.


For those of you (us) that are looking to get lean then L – carnitine is the amino acid we NEED!

L –carnitine transfers long chain fatty acids (example triglycerides into mitochondria) where they are then oxidized to produce energy. 

Carnitine has also been shown to work as an appetite suppressant as well as reducing fatigue (WINNING!).

L- carnitine is a brilliant product to have in your routine when you are dieting or trying to lean up, it will help prevent your body from storing fat as well as increase your aerobic capacity helping you to burn more fat (the dreammmmm). 


L-carnitine is also great for those who are trying to increase them GAINZZZZ (gains, my bad) and build muscle as it can help your increase your strength which equals heavier weights, more reps and bigger muscles.


This is a benefit that you will enjoy in years to come! L-carnitine can slow down the bone loss process helping to prevent and slow down the chances of fractures, osteoporosis and arthritis.


As heart related conditions are usually treated by using carnitine. Some studies have determined that taking l-carnitine after a heart attack decreases the chances of suffering another one later.


Carnitine is naturally produced in the liver; when people are diagnosed as having kidney disease it is recommended that they take carnitine to help make up for the deficiency of carnitine that the kidneys can no longer produce. 


Carnitine has been shown to help improve sperm count and the quality of sperm, it’s usually suggested to men with low sperm counts to take carnitine to increase their sperm count. 


Breastfeeding can lower the amount of carnitine in a woman’s body; taking extra carnitine can help prevent your body from being deficient. Combining both the breast feeding and the carnitine means that new moms will lose that baby weight faster (Huge PLUSSSS +). 


Taking L-carnitine helps diabetics by increasing glucose oxidation, glucose storage, as well as glucose uptake.


L-carnitine also acts as an antioxidant which can be helpful to your body when you have a cold/flu or are dealing with seasonal allergies.


Taking L-carnitine can help protect the brain from both age related and stress related damage. This can help the brain function better and for longer.

So that’s my second ‘must have’ ☺️ I’m off to bed for a super early night Monday tomorrow & I like to start my Monday’s bright & early with fasted cardio 😁