Detox Ready! 

So lately well the last week or so I have been feeling super exhausted like constantly I can barley get out of bed in the morning and have been struggling to stay up past my son that’s 7:30pm.
Feeling very pooped and weak as hell I’m finding it hard to give it 100% in my training which I can’t really afford to not be giving it my all right now with the Sydney Summer right around the corner.

I am a huge believer in listening to your body especially when its not giving you 100% so I have decided to under go a 10 day detox to replenish and nourish my body and hopefully get it back to its full health.

I am super excited to start my detox and will be doing a blog post after I am finished the course detailing how it went and more importantly how I felt during and on completion of my detox and exactly where I got it from!

The detox can be done for 3,5 or 10 days and I’ve decided to go for the full 10 days as I feel my body needs a lot of help right now.

Last week I got blood samples taken just to rule out anything else that would be causing me to feel so exhausted so here’s hoping by the time I get the results I will be feeling much fresher through this detox.

I have my shopping list ready to go and I will go get all my supply’s either this evening or tomorrow evening.

I will be sure to keep you all updated 🙂

 I have also this week set myself up a Youtube channel as I have decided to start Vlogging (soooo nervous) but I think its something I need to do especially with my training videos I love Instagram but the video time is quite limited so even when I speed up my videos I still don’t get to put much content in so hopefully this will help 🙂

You have probably seen from my Instagram videos my son is my workout buddy and always does my HIIT training with me so if anything he’ll be good to watch!

My fitness videos and training have (mostly) always been and will (mostly) always be at home training with minimal equipment that can be done in short time with little ones around! With amazing fat burning results!

As I am quite new to the Vlogging world I am a bit nervous yet excited to get everything up and running so I will be sure to document my detox for the channel this will be my first Vlogging project.

Would love if everyone could subscribe to my youtube channel although it’s a little bare now I promise it won’t be for long!