Detox… The Secrets Out 

So the secrets out well not actually a secret as such I have just never really endorsed my favourite brand before online and the reason being was I wanted my blog and fitness page to be about training and motivation with so many people out there endorsing products and brands that they don’t believe in just for a bit more social media coverage I didn’t want to come across like that.

I feel there is so much false hype about products nowadays that offer a great detox, quick fat loss or quick toning once a celeb hops on them or your favourite instafamous beauty everyone’s on the bandwagon, don’t get me wrong there is some things that storm social media and they are amazing products for example the ‘waist training hype’ I am on that and it works, I want to make my point clear all products that storm social media and create the bandwagon effect aren’t bad but a lot of them are especially when it comes to quick fix weight loss.

For example I have to comment on detox teas, potions and pills that promote detoxing, fat loss and weight loss – of course you are going to weigh less when you are dehydrated and have diarrhoea which let’s be honest is what most of this quick weight loss products involve.

I found it funny when I seen a shock claim in the paper about women on the pill getting pregnant whilst taking this detox tea, well of course your pill is not going to work when you have diarrhoea and your ‘healthy detox tea’ is basically just a 48 hour bug in a box (sorry not sorry, its true).

 I have been writing blog posts lately on my nutritional favourites my first of which was my love for Aloe Vera gel after a few inquiries about what brand I get I decided that I show really do a blog post expanding on this as most of my nutritional favourites are of the same brand, a brand I swear by Forever Living!

Forever Living Products are something that I trust I know if I take these as for example my daily Aloe Vera Gel, Arctic Sea and Bee Pollen tablets  I know that my body responds greatly to this supplements to be honest these are but a few of the products that I use having discussed my stress related acne before on the blog I turned to Forever’s skin products as I trust their supplements I knew that I could trust their skin care range.

I’m not one to talk about something that I don’t believe in and I am not one to make false claims or give false advice I just felt while everyone is getting sucked into the unhealthy detox potions that people are paid to sponsor which makes that person preach them without any genuine love for the product I might aswel preach my favourite and healthy products which can make you not only feel amazing by nurturing your body but can help you lose/maintain weight to (this isn’t there market but it does happen).

I had heard about Forever Living products years ago and never really held an interest as it wasn’t for me well that’s what I thought, until I began having gestational issues always bloated and uncomfortable although my diet was strict and I was in really good condition I looked into healthy natural ways to help with my stomach issues I found Aloe Vera Gel was a great thing for me to try, after searching the best natural Aloe Vera Gel that contains the most Aloe Vera Gel in its products was Forever Living.

From here I began looking into this brand I ordered the Gel and noticed significant results I then decided to give my body a bit of a detox I had been on meal preparation for months and my body had gotten exhausted and lethargic, this was the first time I tried the Clean 9 Detox and my god I was impressed!

Why isn’t this all over Instagram I thought why aren’t celebrity’s posing all over magazines and twitter endorsing this product, why not? Well it’s because Forever Living doesn’t pay people to endorse their brand as they know its 100% amazing quality and will sell by itself.

Since coming to Australia a year ago my stomach has been worse than ever my doctor has put it down to different additives in the food here that just don’t agree with me which sucks so as soon as I noticed my stomach I hopped online and ordered the Aloe Vera Gel along with a few more of my favourites to help me out, I then moved on to the Active Lifestyle Program which is ideal for me as my fitness is so important to me.

Last week I wrote a blog post about detoxing as my body is feeling a bit exhausted as of late due to being under quite a lot of stress I have decided to kick off my game with the Clean 9 program to detox my body of all the nasty things that are weighing it down.

I know this is a product people don’t know all the details about so I am going to write a blog post about each exact product involved and what exactly they do along with my detox diary.


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to shoot through an email –