Pre Cleanse 

So today is the start of my pre cleanse which I feel should be done before any type of detox just so that your body is best prepared and will get the best results from your detox. 

I will be starting my detox on Sunday I was hoping to start earlier but unfortunately due to some commitments I have had to wait and push it back , but that’s life things change and you just have to roll with them. 
So today is my first day of my pre cleanse, whats a pre cleanse you ask? 
Well a pre cleanse is like a little kick start preparation that should be done before any detox in my opinion and its my opinion as it prepares your body for the detox its like painting an old door without sanding it down in preparation first yeah it will still look better after a lick of paint but not as good as it would have looked if you had of sanded it down first in preparation or false tan for another perfect example you NEED to exfoliate and moistourise before you apply it if you don’t you will still come out nice and tanned but it could go patchy and wear off badly, doing a bit of preparation first makes sure for better results in the end and detoxing is definitely one of this things.  
So you can pre cleanse for 3 – 5 days depening on what timeframe you want to give.
I am going to do a 3 day cleanse just because my diets not particulary bad at the minute. 
During the pre cleanse you will be cutting up tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, achohol, sugery foods, processed foods and basically anything that could be classed as a stimulant.
Last night my son had terrible night terrors so we were up most of the night with him so having not coffee to carry me through the day is going to be rough but I am confiident that it will be all well worth it when I am finished my detox. 
I have stacked up this morning on fresh fruit, nuts and vegtables to snack on throughout the day to keep my energy up throughout the day, although I am sure that I will crash later on from the lack of sleep and caffine. 
Cutting out all of these products I know that I will face some reactions from my body so throughout my cleanse and detox so I am expecting headaches, fatuage (as well as more energy as the days pass), frequent bowl movements, as well as some achey feelings that will pass its just your body expelling toxic substances from your body and it will pass. 
 I have also been chugging a lot more water and will continue to do so until after the detox as water is such a help for flushing out all those toxins as well as helping you feel full because feeling hungry is bound to happen during both stages. 
Today I collected my new diary from kikki k and well it’s super pretty and well needed for my life my old diary has fallen apart so I will be using this as my brain & fitness journal until it bits the dust like the rest. 
I better get back to plug out night phones going off so I can play with my little pib who I’ve missed dearly all day ❤️