Clean 9 Detox – Results & Review

Happy Monday! Sorry I have been MIA lately due to some personal family news I wasn’t able to get around to my detox diary so here it is better late then never (although I hate being late gives me serious anxiety lol)

So the clean 9 cleanse went exactly as expected (yay) I lost a few pounds but I wasn’t doing it to lose weight this time around, I was doing it to give my body a kick start I reached a wall recently always fatigued and my digestion problems seemed to be getting worse and worse so I knew my body needed a nice healthy cleanse.

How I feel Pre cleanse:

I am tired all the time I wake up at 6:00am (struggling every morning) I dig deep very deep to get through my workouts and I crawl back into bed at 8:00pm every night. I have zero energy and my stomach is possibly the worse it has ever been, I am constantly bloated, in pain and crampy.

How I feel During Pre Cleanse Day 1 – Day 3

I am hungry, a tiny bit moody which I feel has come along from the hunger. I am more energized but still not an energizer bu yet (battery ad in Ireland).  I have started to break out one or two little spots on my chin so concealer is now my bbf. Although I feel starving my stomach is beginning to feel better already much less crampy and bloated.

How I feel During Pre Cleanse Day 4 – Day 9

The good detox feeling has definitely kicked in, I feel on top of the world! I have a normal meal now as in a dinner or a lunch per day and my god I feel great. I am no longer hungry I feel satisfied the morning shake has curbed my hunger and I am now feeling fresh and energized. Its no longer a thing I have to stick to it feels effortless my stomach problems have all but disappeared which is crazy to me as last week I was doubled over with the pain. As for workouts? Come at me brah! I can’t wait to lash out a few extra burpees (yes I really did say & feel that) I feel powerful like my bodies fully fuelled and ready to take on anything. The horrid spots on my chin have cleared up and I am feeling so radiant – honestly usually my skins dull but this week I have been feeling glowy (my partner even asked if I changed my make-up) Yessss!Clean 9 Results

I have lost a total of 4 lbs (although my goal was not to focus on weight loss) and I have lost 2 inches from my stomach and kept my bum, waist and hip measurements thanks to training.

I would more than recommend this to anyone wanting to give their body a kick start, if you want to lose a few pounds or just clean out your system its amazing and the results really speak for themselves.

I know a lot of people question the cost of the package and I did too it’s $199 dollars here in Australia but when you think about it that’s nothing at all the products that you receive in this are such a high quality and high standard when I broke it down I would spend around $200 for food for 9 days, lunches, coffees and dinners out plus on the go protein shakes, I actually saved money whilst doing the clean 9 detox.

For five days before the recommended 9 day detox you cut out all stimulants so all fizzy drinks, sugary foods, processed foods, coffees and teas and the money you save in these pre detox five days will shock you we all spend money here and there on little bits but it really does add up, then during the nine day detox you are steering clear of all of this stimulants again so that’s 14 days not spending money on this crap you can well afford to pay the $199 dollars for your health trust me, even cut out these products for 14 days on your own without the detox and see how much extra cash you will have.

Another Forever product I have tried this week is the Aloe Vera Gel Bits and Peaches and I don’t think I will ever go back to the plan Aloe Gel. For anyone who hasn’t tried the Aloe Vera Gel before its quite strong and to be honest not to everyone’s taste, I recommend mixing it with some fruit juice to take the taste off this is what I always do for my son as he doesn’t like the taste of it straight now with the Bits and Peaches he will drink it straight with no issues, its actually quite yummy without compromising the goodness of the Aloe Vera Gel.

I hope this is helpful for those of you who didn’t really know about the Clean 9 Detox, I am attaching a link below to the shop so you can check out the other products available.

I have special discount codes if anyone is interested in buying any of the products shoot me through an email or message.

Forever Living Products  <- link to have a look at the clean 9 detox and other forever living products.