Suicide Prevention Day


Today is Suicide Prevention Day In Australia and I just wanted to do a simple post as it is a cause extremely close to my heart.

I find it hugely important that not only today but everyday we reach out to others, a simply hey how are you doing, are you okay isn’t going to solve everyone’s problems but it will let a person know that someone cares that someone can see the hurt behind their smile or the pain in their eyes; that simple sentence might make them realize actually no I am not okay maybe I will go tell someone my issues maybe I will go and get help.
Suicide and depression are things that we talk about more openly these days but people, good people still see the ending of their existence as the only way out.
There is no reset button once someone reaches that point there is no going back, don’t be the person that sit’s around during the aftermath saying I wish I could have done more, I wish I could have helped some people hide their demons very well its impossible to spot the person who is going to bed for the last time when they don’t want people to know their struggles.
Please encourage your relationships, surround those close to your heart with love and attention, let them know how much they mean to you, reach out let them know you are there.
And if you’re the other side of this story the one who struggles, hold on, there are so many amazing things in this world, you always have another way out an other option.
Sometimes when you feel like your at the bottom of the ocean with the weight crushing pressure of the sea holding you down that’s just the perspective your stuck in sometimes its only a three foot pool. Ask for help go to the doctor tell them how you feel, you don’t have money? Go to the hospital people will help you, there’s always a way out. I am a huge believer of a problem shared is a problem halved, you can get help to carry your load.
Its not the easy way out, it is not the only way, it can be avoided.
Please reach out and get help if not for you for the people who love you dearly.