Food Allergies and Intolerences


As most of you who follow my Instagram page would know my son has some severe allergies which I incorporate with my baking and cooking.

His list is quite long, he is allergic to egg’s, all dairy products, Dog Dander, Strawberries and Nuts, as well as having a gluten intolerance.

Most of his allergic reactions are anaphylactic, which means he goes into Anaphylactic Shock, his skin reddens, he starts to cough, his eyes start to puff out, he complains of severe stomach ache, his throat begins to close up and the only way to stop him from this happening is to give him shots of adrenaline, this is where is Epipen’s come into play.


This as you can imagine is extremely scary, terrifying in fact to know that one wrong (simple) move could risk my son’s life and to be honest we have been in that horrific situation a few times.

My partner and I carry his Epipen’s everywhere, we don’t leave the house without them, we have one babysitter who we trust and a few family friends and that’s it, there is no play dates and I am extremely hesitant at bringing him to houses.

At times I sound over dramatic and over protective and I literally don’t care, I don’t mean to offend when I don’t think your house is up to standard for my son to visit I just know how easily an are can become cross contaminated.

And cross contamination is the most easy mishap that can cause an allergic reaction, that yogurt your child’s eating in the playroom well he has just touched 4 different toys with yogurt traces on his had, now my son has picked on one of those toys and now my son is swelling up, coughing and scared (as am I).


I don’t like my son playing in shopping centers, the cute little play stations are great, but whats not great is the mum who let her kids go in with bread rolls, is that butter on them rolls? Not worth the risk I will buy my son a cute toy instead.

I see it all the time people letting their kids eat and play and its not against the law but when kids with allergies are becoming more and more common I just wish people would think about the other kids first why can’t your child sit down eat and then play, sure I make my son sit down and eat every time regardless where we are.

Thanks for offering my son snacks without confirming with me but my son (thank god) is aware of his allergies and will tell anyone he is allergic to the said item before getting confirmation from myself or my partner.

What if he wasn’t though what if you nearly killed him?

In school once, my son told me that he eats lunch on his own in an empty class room, when I questioned the school they told me yes he does to prevent any reactions this to me was completely inappropriate and they soon had him eating lunch with all the other kids, you can not exclude a child with allergies yes they will make a bit more work for you, yes you will have to watch like a hawk but you can’t exclude them.

I am not sorry to the mom’s who have to pack their kids lunches differently because my son is in their class, yes it might be awkward for you to plan lunches without the ‘go to’ food’s you would usually do but it’s better knowing a child can be safe in class without the fear of the needles he will get in hospital. I would happily do the same for your child.

To the parents that know my son has allergies yet invite him to their kid’s parties, Thank you.

Yes he will be allergic to 99% of the party food but I will pack him a special party food pack and I will watch him like a hawk, everyone will have an amazing day, thank you for not excluding him as he may be hard work.

Dog dander makes my son anaphylactic if we see a dog we run, cross the road, duck down a lane anything to make sure he’s clear of that dog.

I get eye rolls and comments like ‘hes a good doggy’ or mumbled comments of she’s making her child afraid of dogs’ he’s actually highly allergic, thanks’ is always my reply.

The fact people make comments when they literally don’t know that my child’s health is on the line, hell yes he’s afraid of dogs, I am afraid of dogs now they get nowhere near my son or my family (as dander can cling to clothes) we don’t care how friendly Lassy is, just please keep walking!


This is just a little post that I have wanted to do forever now and have just never got around to it, I just want to raise awareness even if just one person reads this and becomes more accommodating, it’s one less person that us mom’s of children with allergies have to deal with.