Skinny Prinny V Curvy Countess

Skinny Prinny or Curvy Countess?, that is well and truly my question.

image (16)

I am not in any way a body shame-er I don’t care if your bones, fat, skinny, curvy, muscly or anything in between it’s your body and *none of my business (unless I am training you).

I also want to point out that I think there is a hugeeeee difference between curvy and overweight, I always see overweight (unhealthy overweight – I am not judging here just an observation) people call themselves curvy which I also in my opinion don’t agree with overweight doesn’t equal curves.

Girls that say stupid things like men like curves not bones ARE body shaming men like all sorts, women like all sorts, it’s a personal preference.

Anyways back to my point of this post one year ago I weighed less than I currently do I had a less then womanly figure which my boyfriend likes to refer to as my fifteen year old body; I was cardio mad and barley ate and my face wasn’t the best for it I remember looking at this picture my first picture in Australia and my god can someone say ‘rat face??’ it was bad, although I felt skinny and great my face just looked gaunt and rat like.

First Picture In Australia

I began to gain weight a lot faster than I wanted as I was stripped from my 24/7 gym life to that of a touristy one in Oz.

I still continued my HIIT sessions but let’s just say my food intake was a lot different to the prepped lunchbox meals that I lived on in Ireland.

My booty grew but as did my stomach and love handles, not a good feeling! Especially when your surrounded by beautiful beaches and even more beautiful people (dam you Australians!).image (15)

image (14)

I decided I had to put an end to this s**t and get my act together asap for myself and my confidence.

I bought an elliptical for my balcony, enlisted with Kayla Instines and started back with my Forever Living supplement range.

The elliptical as I know what a great effect cardio has on my body, is a must in my life a jog on the beach or along the coastal trek between Coogee Beach and Bondi Beach would be idyllic but with a four year old in toe I just don’t feel it would work out, don’t get me wrong he’ll run with me he’ll do press up’s with me, he’ll even do a better burpee than most adults but I don’t feel his little legs would jog and sprint the whole coastal trek and there is no way my little legs could push him in a stroller for a jog anymore.

As a huge fan of HIIT for years I decided to part ways and to look for an alternative trainer and training sessions and with this I found Kayla Itsines, I had downloaded her free two week guide before and followed her on social media then one day in my motivational slump got a message from her (probably her team) and I thought yes this is it I am converting.

I downloaded her ebook and have been hooked ever since the layout of her training sessions are incredible, I started seeing and feeling serious definition after just my first week now I am completely team BBG!!

Last but not least my nutritional state which of course means Forever Living, yes looking good on the outside makes you feel great (obviously) but being good on the inside is also a hugeeee plus! Which is actually an amazing feeling and lets be honest with intense training you need your body to be fueled up and prepared there is no point in doing half the work for a perfect body you need to work on the inside and the outside!

Whenever I need it I will do the clean nine detox to give me that boost/kick start everything always seems to get in line after the detox which I loveeee! And when I am not doing the detox I still religiously use the Forever Lite Ultra protein powder complete with 18 amino acids, the Bee Pollen Tablets (absolutely amazing for curbing those cravings!) Forever Artic Sea (essential fatty acids) Forever Aloe Vera Gel (healthy digestive system) and the Aloe Blossom Herbal Tea all of which make sure that my body is running like clockwork.

You can find them here Forever Living Products.

Clean 9 Results

You wouldn’t buy an amazing car and put the wrong petrol in it the same way you shouldn’t but the wrong foods in your amazing body! Saying that I love a bit of chocolate or a pulled pork roll once a month in work when we’re feeling an office fat day coming on, but for me knowing all the great nutritional products I put in my body daily I have no problems or guilt when I eat something not so good from time to time.

image (10)

After months with all of these changes my body is again tight but I am not where I was a year ago, my fifteen year old body is a no show and I now have curves and a bigger booty (that’s a win in my book) although it’s not a bigger booty from fat I worked for it I turned my extra fat into muscle and carved out these curves and for the first time in forever I am okay with not being the smallest I ever was.

image (9)

Last year if my size 6 skinny jeans where feeling a little tight id commit myself to extra hours of fasted cardio until they did, and it would be everything on my mind until those babies fit again loosely, last week I gladly bought my size 8 jeans that squashed my booty a bit but say perfectly on my waist.

It has taken me 23 years to finally feel ‘okay’ with my body and not over obsess in an unhealthy way about it, don’t get me wrong my fitness and physique is still a huge constant and passionate part of my life and my goals but I just feel good that I no longer believe that I need to be the smallest possible to be a fitness advocate I can still be a fitness freak at a size 8 with more junk in the trunk that a fifteen year old!

Don’t get me wrong I look at my body pictures from last year and bar my rat face my body to me is fabbbbbb but when I think of how fatigued I was constantly I am happy that I can have a consistent body now that is healthy, fit and maintainable (I am still tired to be fair I am a full time working mum & GF/housewife it’s tiring work but I wouldn’t change it for the world, I am well and truly Blessed).

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I just feel happy that along this never ending fitness journey of mine that I have a world of fitfam members that will support me, motivate me and laugh at my ridiculous fitness related dad jokes that I do all too often.