Body Truths

My last blog post was a hard one for me; it was embarrassing, cringe-y and what I felt like a ‘let down’ to those of you who follow my fitness journey.

I feel it is important to document my fitness journey honestly and that means ALL of it not just the skinny, low body fat, great curves pictures but the weight gain and dreaded ‘before’ pictures.

Before & After

We are all human and we all fall down sometimes and my last post was to be as honest as possible with my followers and let them know that I have fallen down and got back up again, its life and these things happen.

Today I am writing a blog about something very personal, embarrassing and that makes me feel more humiliated that before picture I posted last week (can someone say whale ughhh), although I want to add I don’t regret posting that picture my blogs all about being honest.

So today’s blog is about the cage that is body fat, that awkward, hot, uncomfortable suit that you have to wear because you can’t control your foods or you just plain love to eat and aren’t the best friend of exercise.

The way I described fat as a awkward fat suit isn’t judging it’s how I personally feel when I am holding more weight than I should be.

I see heavier girls, girls three/four times the size of me strutting their stuff in a miniscule bikini on Bondi Beach with NO cares in the world, then there’s me a bit ‘chubby’ from over indulgence in this new Sydney life hiding under my well placed towel and hating life thinking to myself why the f**k did I have to suggest Max Brenner’s two weeks in a row seriously do I like looking like an beached whale??!

I look at these girls and think they are so comfortable in their ‘bigger’ bodies why am I crippled with embarrassment?

Bondi Bound Last Summer

I suppose it’s all about how body confident you are, and how ‘okay’ you are with yourself, I touched on this in my last post; from an outsider’s perspective looking at my Instagram page they must think wow this girl is body confident!

Although behind closed doors I always struggle with my body how I feel in my skin, not at 23 I feel comfortable in my body, I know what my body respond’s to exercise wise, food wise and clothes wise.

My fitness page was set up with the name Cautious 2 Confident Fitness and I chose this not to be catchy but as this reflects my journey, Cautious about myself, my body, embarrassed, shy, low self-esteem to confident I am not afraid in telling you my ups and downs, my body highs & lows that is exactly why I set up my page to encourage others like me.

I want to be truthful with my followers sometimes I fall down like anyone else but I sure as hell get back up! I am in no way a yoyo dieter nor do I shrink and balloon, when I say ‘whale’ or ‘weight gain’ I am probably talking about gaining 6 pounds max (and it’s not something that happens often).


My lowest body fat percentage was 12% just over a year ago which moved up to a consistent 15%, now I stand at 17% and am I crying about it? Every dam day! (jokeeee guys)

I don’t stress about it because I am below what a woman my age and size should be an my 17% is consistent not up and down a nice cool and calm level, sure I could get to 15% or 12% again with some determination, but to what point? I have no reasoning to push myself there at the minute and it’s sure as hell not a figure I am going to torment myself to keep consistent.

I push myself every day I train (5 times minimum per week, which is good since I work full time as well as balance being a kick ass mum & girlfriend as well as tend to our home) I make the most of my workouts but not to lower body fat percentage (although I will take that as a huge plus) but to keep myself in good shape, to carve out my muscle and to keep myself at a happy body place & to fight that oh so stubborn fat!

I get a lot of girls tell me that they don’t have the motivation, time, energy or attitude to do what I do and some days I don’t either! Not to be a motivational quote but you seriously just got to get up and do it, push through those days and do you know what you missed a day? Not the end of the world, hit it twice as hard as tomorrow, listen to your body sometimes you do need an extra rest day and sometimes you do need some mash potato (or whatever carbie yum you’re craving).

The most important thing I want to stress is to be true to you, you can do it, I was once a overweight slob with no fitness level AT ALL.

What changed me? Well I wanted to be the best mummy possible for my baby, I wanted to be confident in myself and do all the fun things that I wanted to do with him. I wanted to show him to be confident and love your-self ‘flaws and all’. Everyone’s journey is different and it can take a lot, A LOT of little steps to get where you want to be, but you will get there.

Mummy & Me

You have to be honest with yourself and with your goals, if you pigged out be honest say you pigged out don’t say oh this fitness thing isn’t working I went they gym all week nothing changed when in reality you ate the whole contents of the sweets isle in Woolworths.

Or I have been working out so hard and I am not seeing any difference when in reality you didn’t even break a sweat you just ‘hung out’ around the gym for 5 hours this week.

Diet > Exercise

If you’re not ‘feeling it’ try something different there are so many different fitness avenues you can go down, some you’ll hate and some you’ll love mix it up, make your fitness an enjoyable thing not a dreaded thing.

Diet, Diet, Diet! You can honestly work out all you want but if your bad diet outweighs your great gym habits you’re not necessarily see any difference, don’t get me wrong you don’t have to live of lettuce and boiled chicken to have a good physique but limit your processed foods limit your sugar, cutting out little ‘bad things’ will make a huge difference in your bodies performance and look!

You don’t know where to start? Try a 9 day clean 9 detox, for amazing results to get you kick started for your healthy regime, you can have a look at this product hear -> Forever Living Products.


So do me a favor write down how you feel when you are unhappy with your body, do a workout give it your all and write down how you feel afterwards, the words you wrote, the feelings that you felt will speak for themselves, make the change.