Yoga For Beginners (Like Me) For Stress & Peace

This week I have lost 2 kilos and toned up significantly (yay)

I have been sticking to my  Forever Living Products  like clockwork and to be honest have lost my appetite a bit due to stress, which is weird as I usually eat more when I am stressed but hey who’s complaining? Not me in anyways!


This week I haven’t fitted in my LISS due to at home being so hectic so I have substituted it for some Yoga which is not only great for the body but will help with my stress too!

I am in no way a bendy, flexible  or a feather light ballerina; nor can I do any of those amazing poses you come across on Instagram, for me Yoga is something that I am a totally beginner or even a pre-beginner but we all start somewhere.

Not really knowing any Yoga myself and not wanting to get a babysitter just so I can go to a late class after work (not that I even want to leave my son after a day’s work TBH) I turned to the great teacher, YouTube that is.

Yoga At Home

There are so many different Yoga YouTube channels that you could literally spend hours trying to pick, so I will try to help here with my top three.

One I find so easy and relaxing is  Yoga with Adriene.

Adriene is a Texan girl, which obviously is great to listen to! She is a bubbly character that can be a bit silly and free during her Yoga lessons which keeps it light-hearted and chilled. I think that’s really important some of the Yoga Channels are quite hard-core and stiff which I get, I do, but as a beginner in your sitting room after a long stressful day it’s nice to have a warm and friendly face as you Yoga teacher.



As a huge fan of stretching in general I found this week that my body really responded well to these Yoga lessons as well as my brain.

Moving on to my second favourite channel  KinoYoga  with Kino MacGregor.

Her videos and lessons focus on teaching yoga to beginners. In particular, she teaches Ashtanga Yoga, which can be thought of as a modernized form of classical Indian yoga. It places heavy emphasis on breathing patterns and sequences of holding positions, which is great in helping our bodies deal with the stress we hold.



Finally the third channel in my top three is  DoYouYoga.

This one is great if  your one who needs to be motivated to stick to something as they have great 30 day challenges that will keep you motivated and involved.

It focuses on a beginner status so it caters really well to those of you who like me don’t have a clue about Yoga.


Yoga this week has helped me to focus a lot as well as making my body feel cleansed and well rested.

I really recommend giving it a go, its free and will honestly make you feel good!