Super Greens & Me

Happy Monday Guys,

I hope you all had a good weekend!

I spent mine spring cleaning the house and playing with my bub, working full time means my weekends are when I can give him my full and undivided attention (and nap), weekends are my favourite.


This week, well last week I decided to start adding Nature’s Way Super Greens +Plus – High Nutrient Superfood Powder to my Forever Ultra Lite Protein shakes.

What a fab decision on my part (if I do say so myself) I currently have two Forever Ultra Lite shakes per day and I add two tablespoons of the Superfood Powder to my morning shakes.


I am not going to lie the Superfood Powder turns my gorgeously chocolate shake to a not so aesthetically pleasing dark green colour but honestly it adds to the taste it tastes surprising sweeter with the new addition and blends really well with the Ultra Lite shake.


I decided to add this to give myself an extra little boost, I have also started adding it to my sons soy milk so he can have a cute sweet green milkshake which gives him a huge nutritional boost, I love finding new supplements that he can benefit from too.

Today I am dropping off a Clean Nine Detox to one of my friends and am way to excited to see her results, I know they are going to be amazing,  great timing as well just in time for summer.


Last week I decided to cut out coffee for good, I have a battle with it I cut it down and cut it out then I start drinking it every day again, I have decided now that I am over it I even held out last Friday when I rocked up to work so tired after a night of night terrors (my son suffers terribly with them) and instead of running for a coffee (which I needed badly may I add) I decided against it, I spend a fortune on it weekly and it’s not particularly great for my body or teeth for that matter, so I will give it a swerve for the time being.

I spent my Sunday cleaning and relaxing with some motivation magazines I love catching up on all the latest fitness and diet plans that are taking the world by storm!


I also found a few nice recipes in these that I plan to try out this week for some adventurous dinners!

I will keep a record of how they turn out!