This Weeks Top Three Highlights

Hi guys, I hope everyone’s nice and refreshed after the weekend!

Having had a super busy week last week and an even busier one ahead this week I wanted to take some time out and do a top three blog of my favorite things this week!

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It was a bank holiday for us here in Australia and my god the sun came out to play!

My first Highlight was this cute little beach just down from Palm Beach,

I spent my whole Saturday and Sunday up hear, its such a gorgeous beach not too busy and really laid back.

We rented kayaks and Paddle Boards on the Saturday, this was my first time on a paddle board and after a few tumbles I was a pro (in my mind lol) it was amazing to be out in the open water.

paddle boarding

iBeach Shot

On the Sunday we rented a boat and traveled around to all of the beautiful little beaches on the Islands, we swam for hours. It was such a relaxing experience while still fitting in some exercise in the sun.

Floating in the sea

Next are my Adidas shorts, coming into the summer I wanted some looser shorts that could be quite airy during my workouts instead of my usual tight Nike pro shorts.

I found these in Rebel Sports and loved their design, they have a pair of netted underwear sewn in underneath them and are basically lightweight.

They have the coolest little pocket which snugly holds my phone perfectly even when I am bouncing up and down (which is a lot) and I don’t have to fear it will pop out which is amazzzzinggggg.

Adidas Shorts

New Gym Gear

Third is my Natures Way Cacao Powder I found this while picking up my shake staple (Natures Way Super Greens) I didn’t realize they had the cacao powder and as like an over excited child when I saw it (so much that I picked up three, hey they could go out of stock right?) Anyways I bought it mainly for baking, my son as you may know is allergic to basically everything (no joke) so we bake a lot and a lot of our recipes require cacao powder and you can’t get a better tasting one then this Natures Way brand it bakes deliciously and has all the added benefit such as 16 times more antioxidants then blueberries, 13 times more iron than spinach and 2 times more magnesium than almonds (yeah honestly google it, its like an antioxidant powerhouse!!) You can also add it to smoothies, coffee, teas or just to make a hot chocolate drink that will be 100% good for you (winninggggg).

My Greens

Baking 'Good' Goodies

Cacao Powderrrrr

Also I have completed my three but another thing that I have learned this week that I feels needs to be addressed ASAP, as a mother and a 20-something year old running the household I was embarrassed to uncover this truth , I am sure I have just opened a couple of my readers eyes!

image (6)

So these are my top three highlights of the week & my bombshell, I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!

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