Use Your Phone For Weightloss Forget The Selfie

So I hate to admit it but I am one of those people who are totally lost without their phones; I keep everything in that baby all my appointments, important notes, numerous selfies, baby pictures and all of my fitness apps.

I have never had a PT and my whole fitness journey started with me doing workouts in my bedroom coached by numerous fitness apps and this is what helped me battle that first long year of weight-loss.


I had and still have apps for everything (literally everything) I have apps that help me track my nutrition, cardio, yoga, H.I.I.T, recipes, mindfulness and of course a playlist app to keep me pumped through my workouts as well as a calming playlist for stretching and yoga.

I still rely heavily on my apps and think I always will, within training I love to switch it up I love to try different things and keep my body guessing moving through the week like yoga, H.I.I.T, BBG, L.I.S.S, Yoga not only for my body but for my mindset to there is nothing like getting stuck in the same routine your body won’t respond and your mind will get board of the same activities.

No money to go to different classes in the gym, or just no time, just don’t like the gym environment?

That’s no problem you can start up your app workout whenever you want!

I love the gym a love that grew over time as I was so self conscious at start I dreaded it! I love it now but I don’t get to go or if I do its very rare I work full time Monday to Friday and refuse to pay for my son to be minded to go to the gym for an hour when I can work out at home with him while bonding with his little face.

working out with children

Lets face it kiddo years are precious and if I can make any way to spend time at home with my bub after spending 40 hours away from him with work I am definitely gonna do therefore home workouts are whats best for me. If your able to go the gym don’t worry these app’s will still come in handy!

Leading me to what app’s I use and why!

I will start with my favorite…


I have literally recommended this one for the last four years to anyone who would listen! It’s by far my favorite app I have used it for four years (that’s a long time for an app relationship) and I don’t think I will ever stop it literally does everything for me nutritional wise I don’t have to think at all which lets face it sometimes is hard.

Community: MyFitnessPal’s community aspect basically consists of a forum, where other fellow users of the app are free to exchange tips and advice, as well as to create relationships through sharing personal experiences or struggles.

Exercise Tracker: MyFitnessPal has more than 350 exercise stored in its database, and it shows how much each person burns during each activity, based on their specific height, weight, and gender. It includes most cardio and strength training workouts, as well as yoga and Pilates.

Calorie/Macro Counter: The app’s calorie/macro counter is basically an online diary of each MyFitnessPal member’s intake. The counter allows members to set daily goals, and the app can add multiple foods at once. It also automatically stores food and meals that members eat often, which makes them easy to find when they eat them again and need to log them.

fruit salad

Cost: Free.

Hot5 Fitness

Hot5 Fitness app offers high quality step-by-step workouts led by the top trainers in the industry. From abs and core to yoga and flexibility and everything in between, Hot5 contains pages and pages of 5-minute video workouts of every variety and difficulty level. Whether you’re looking for a quick 5-minute core blasting after a long run or a full 45-minute yoga session in your hotel room, this app offers something for everyone. It is incredibly simple to use with a beautifully designed and user-friendly interface. Even the least tech savvy person will be able to navigate this app in no time. Best part? No WiFi needed! You can literally do it anywhere.

Cost: Free for limited use or 2.99/ month for unlimited access.

Exhausted woman relaxing on sports field.


This one basically does all the work for you. (Well, maybe not ALL the work). It does create a specific weight loss plan custom for you and your busy life, though. Think of it as having a personal trainer and nutritionist at your disposal at all times. Just plug in your weight loss and general health goals, et voila! Not only does it track your calories, it gives you a barcode scanner to get more specific with what you are consuming, focusing more on nutritional value in addition to just calorie intake. It connects to other apps and devices as well to make it extra handy.

Cost: Free.

Push Up


Mind-shift is a health coach app designed to offer people struggling with anxiety a way out. Both adults and teens alike can learn from their strategies and advice about coping with anxiety in both social and professional situations. It aims to change the way the user thinks about anxiety. Instead of trying to run from the situation, you can learn to face it.

Cost: Free.


Carrot Fit

Be aware, this app is not for the feint of heart. Think less cheerleader, more fitness drill sergeant. A judgmental weight tracker, this CARROT character dishes out harsh criticisms to those wanting to drop pounds. With thick sarcasm and motivational smack talk, users must drop a pound to learn new workout tips. While it may not come free (it costs 2.99), carrot does promise that losing weight will ‘suck so much less.’

Cost: $2.99.


Nike Plus Running

This one is your personal trainer on call. The app is full of workouts and video clips so you can get the correct posture down for all of the moves. The app counts you down and gives you the odd motivational cheer or shout out to keep you going when times get tough. The GPS running app uses satellites to let you know exactly how far, how fast and how consistently you have ran/jogged/walked as well as the calories you have burnt. The app tracks all of your training sessions and lets you know when you reach your personal best. Two words Encouraging Trainer!

Cost: Free

Nike Plus

So there you are, there are my top fitness/health apps,

Hopefully they help with your fitness journey as much as they did with mine!

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