No Results With Your Diet?

Hi guys!

I can’t believe it’s Thursday already, these week’s are flying by way to fast!

Halloween on Saturday then it will be Christmas before we know it!

Christmas at home (Ireland) and here in Australia are obviously totally different but one of the things that remain the same are that people want to look their best for the holiday period, regardless if its in a glitzy dress on a night out on Stephan’s Day or relaxing in a bikini on a beach at the Christmas Barbie.

Winter Christmas

Approximately 150 Surfing Santas, elves, snowmen and other Christmas characters showed up at George Trosset's Surfing Santa event Christmas in the Sand in Cocoa Beach, Fla., Monday, Dec. 24, 2012. The event raised money for Grind for Life, which helps people with cancer. The ocean was filled with Surfing Santas:, men, women, boys and girls. (AP Photo/Florida Today, Malcolm Denemark)

This time of year you can find all the last minute dieters making sure they’ve dropped that stone before the holidays which usually see’s them turn to unrealistic diets or treacherous hours in the gym doing grueling workouts to burn some fat.

Well what that doesn’t have to be the way! I am all about being healthy over being skinny but regardless what your beliefs are on this matter losing weight should always be done in a healthy way that won’t ruin your body in the long run or won’t leave you with piling back on the pounds (plus some) after a couple of weeks.

I know so many people who go to the gym and train or take classes for weeks/months teamed with a restricting diet with little change in their bodies.

They believe that they are doing everything right, and do you know what I have been there to its easy to believe your doing everything correct but there are often a lot of fall downs that people miss, this hinders the work they are doing and leaves them unhappy and disappointed with their results.

No Cardio Thanks

So what are these fall downs and how can we get around them?

I want to tell you about one of the many fall downs today in this blog post and it is what you put into your body.


I say it in literally every blog post I do and most of my Instagram shots and the reason being is that no matter how much we hear it people still don’t take into account how vital nutrition is for our bodies.

Breakfast truly is the most important meal of your day! There must be some myth I haven’t heard of the skipping breaky makes you thin, because I always here people who are trying to lose weight say that they’ve just had a coffee this morning as they’ve to lose a few pounds?? What?


This is a serious fall down, have a coffee no problem at all! But don’t forget a balanced and nutritious meal! During the night while your asleep your body is in fasting mode the best thing you can do in the morning is nourish your fasting body with a good breakfast.

Forever Living PLUS Superfoods <- I always start my morning with my Forever Living Protein PLUS Super-foods.

This brings me to my next point a good breakfast is NOT slimming cereals! There are so many cereals on the market that promote weight loss and advertise themselves as a great healthy breakfast but that is simply far from the truth. Most (if not all) slimming breakfast cereals are packed full of sugar, a ridiculous amount of sugar, same goes for cereal bars and most yogurt pots with fruit (another breakfast favorite).

Unhealthy Cereals

Start your morning off with eggs, fruit, low sugar Greek yogurt, porridge, oats, chia seeds again stick to natural and organic produce if possible as there are so many packets of porridge and oats that are packed full of sugar too!


A good way to monitor the food your eating and the micro-nutrients in your foods is my favorite app MyFitnessPal. Simply scan the bar-code of your chosen food item or type in the name of your item in the search bar and you will get the exact nutritional breakdown of the food you want to eat (thank me later).


Having a great nutritional breakfast is the first step but also continuing that throughout your day is really important you may in-vision your day as having a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner (and MyFitnessPal could even validate this) but what about that chocolate bar you had with your morning tea, and those biscuits you had on your little lunch, oh and those Doritos and donuts you had at your friends?

It is so easy for us to forget all the little unhealthy things we ate throughout the day when your focus is on all the big healthy things you’ve had throughout the day. Try a food dairy and write down everything you eat honestly or an even easier option log all of your food into the MyFitnessPal app to do all the hard work for you!


Watch what you drink! 

It should be mainly pure water and lots an lots of it!

Regardless if it is branded zero, lite, diet, sugar-free or low fat its bad for you, its not helping your weight-loss. The same goes for shop bought protein drinks even though you thing your doing good by filling up on protein a lot of brands are packed full of sugar as well.

Most juices and iced coffees are packed full of sugar too so beware when thinking your taking a healthier choice than fizzy drinks when choosing these.



To lose weight doesn’t mean that you need to starve in fact skipping meals and eating minuscule amounts will cause your body to go into starvation mode because it doesn’t know when it will next receive food it starts to store anything you eat as fat right away for fear of not getting food again soon = weight gain.

Make sure you eat the correct amount for your goals if you don’t know the correct amount again MyFitnessPal app can assist you with this.



Supplements usually cause confusion and I can totally see why there are so many different kinds that do all kinds of magic and if you stand there trying to figure out what you need there will be a sales assistant filling your arms with the most expensive bottles that are ‘the best for you’.

Although supplements do range from person to person and their specific needs there are some that you can’t go wrong with for example omega fish oils, BCAAs, Vitamin C, Calcium, CLA, B Complex 100 and of course your trusty old multivitamin.


So if your struggling to lose those pounds with your regime now try implement these little but very important steps, no doubt you will see your fall downs.

Thanks for reading,

as always love & positivity

Nicole X Cautious 2 Confident Fitness Blog

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