This Weeks Top Three Highlights

Hi Guy’s!

Another busy week behind us and another one kicking off today!

I can’t believe that it’s November already and there is already Christmas decorations up in the Westfield Malls!

Below I have narrowed my highlights of the week down to three, that hopefully can inspire you a little.

Aerobic Yoga

If you have been reading my blog for the past few months you will have noticed that I have got serious about practicing Yoga. Being not so flexible and quite unbalanced it has been a bit of a challenge for me but who does’t like a bit of a challenge hey?

I have supplemented Yoga into my week still keeping my high intensity workouts as well as my ever so boring LISS.

It has been nice to relax and unwind with Yoga but I’ve stepped it up a bit higher I felt like the beginners Yoga stage couldn’t go on forever, I needed to challenge myself more that’s were Aerobic Yoga has come into play(Intermediate might I just add).


So Aerobic Yoga?

Similar to Yoga it uses most of the same poses whilst adding some more movement to speed up your heart rate and help burn some fat! Balance is a huge factor in this practice of Yoga so for beginners I wouldn’t just jump straight into it, definitely work on getting balance in poses slowly and holding them in the correct posture first (or else you could be sporting some very questionable carpet burn on your forehead!)

Aerobic Yoga is more effective for burning that stubborn fat than Yoga and still holds all the stretching, flexibility and calming benefits…. what a winner in my book!

Halloween & Healthy Sweet Treats

With Halloween wrapped up and Christmas decorations already hung I just want to take a moment to appreciate one of my most favorite times of the year!


Halloween is never okay for your diet or food plan EVER!

That doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fab sweet treats that won’t pile on the pounds or have you breaking out worse than you kid sisters fake witches boils the next day!

Here are some of my favorite sweet treat’s!

Cute Banana Ghosts!

  • Cut a banana in half lengthwise and across the middle leaving you with four pieces,
  • Carefully insert your Popsicle stick up the middle of the banana slice,
  • Dip in melted white chocolate or in our case dairy free yogurt,
  • leave to chill,
  • When totally cooled (in the fridge) attach one eyes using black frosting
  • Voila! Banana Ghosts!

Scary Apple Bites

Scary Apple Bites!

  • Cut apple slices vertically, try to get them 1cm thick and similar in shape
  • Plaster some jam or peanut butter on the side of one slice laying on it’s side
  • Stand the other identical (or you best effort of identical) slice on the inside edge of the covered slice (refer to picture I am confusing myself here!)
  • Use extra peanut butter or jam as a glue to stick on almond slivers for scary teeth
  • If your scary apple bites are going to be sitting around for a while rub some lemon juice on them to prevent them from turning that yucky brown colour.
  • Voila, Scary Apple Bites!

Ghost Marinades

Scary Pumpkin Mandarins!

Okay well these don’t have enough steps to do bullet points you simply grab a sharpie and draw you best pumpkin face on your mandarin, they are also great little decorations around your actual pumpkin.

Cute Gym Gear 

Having overindulged on Halloween I needed some fitspiration to get me going!

Nothing can make your 40 minute LISS session better then looking hot in cute new gear (not that it stays cute for long).

As a mum I am ALWAYS in Target, it’s literally on of my favorite places (Don’t judge me until you have kids), Yet I never really noticed before how cool there gym clothes section is.

They have the cutest tanks with great little slogans on them that lets be honest will help us get up off our bums and put them to use.

Here are some of my favorites below…

I Do Yoga

Work It OutBest Version Of You

So that’s my top three highlights for this week!

Thanks for reading! And be sure to look out for my continuation post from my ‘No Results With Your Diet?’

Which will be focusing on the fitness fall downs.

Love & Positivity

Nicole X Cautious 2 Confident Fitness