No Results With Your Training?

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I’m not going to comment on how fast the week went I’ve noticed that I do it in literally every post lol.

This post is a part two section after my  No Results With Your Diet? post last week, which highlighted some of the many fall downs of healthy eating and dieting that are so easy to fall into.

This post as you probably guessed from the very creative title (I really have to work on that) is about some of the many fall downs and traps that we can get caught up in with exercise and training.

I hope this post can help assist those of you’s who are training hard with little or no results, I have been there and I know how demotivating it can get! So check out my points below!

Sweat It Out!

Sounds like a pretty obvious one hey?

You would think that but I have met a couple of girls through my time that believe they get in a good workout even if there not covered in sweat in the end, those who go to the gym without towels because ‘I actually don’t even sweat’, WHAT?

You SHOULD sweat, you should be out of breath, you should be uncomfortable if your not, your not pushing yourself hard enough!

You can stay in the gym for 2 hours and not break a sweat and you will not see changes in your body or fitness level, you can stay in the gym for 40 minutes, 20 minutes even do some hardcore intense training and see a huge difference in you body and fitness level. So trust me if your not sweating, uncomfortable or out of breath your not training hard enough!


Switch It Up!

I find this tends to happen to us all at some point we get into a routine, we start seeing results and we’re happy with it. It’s comfortable, you know exactly what you’re doing, how long it will take you, you feel like your owning the gym!

Then BAM it’s two months later, you’ve been to the gym 6 day’s a week, you have stopped seeing results, you don’t know whats changed… maybe a thyroid issue, maybe an intolerance, maybe that new protein is making you pile on the pounds?

No you’ve just simply plateaued!

Your body is no longer responding to your workout regime you need something new, something challenging!

It is super important to switch up your exercise/training routines, this doesn’t mean you find a love for Olympic lifting do it for two months then move onto something else, keep doing the routine you like or class you like but break up your weeks try a new class, try a new form of cardio, or a whole new alien type of exercise! Your body will thank you for it!

You may even find a new love, I started Yoga a few months ago as something to break up my H.I.I.T and now I have been turned I love Yoga, I love Aerobic Yoga, it’s good to try new things, work new muscles and stop that plateau happening!

Cross TrainingOlympic Lifting

Be Honest With Your Training!

It’s easy to go to the gym for two hours arse around a bit do some arms maybe some core work, change you playlist a couple of times, just write back to your girl having a mental breakdown after the weekend or just quickly check Facebook for dramas…

‘Wow I was in the gym every day last week for two whole hours and I swear I’ve actually put on weight!?’ *No Sh*t*

I’ve seen so many clients and just randomer’s in the gym that count these antics as ‘a good training session’, well no, just no! That’s not how training works!

Be honest with yourself don’t get demotivated because the gym/training isn’t working for you when in fact you weren’t working. Put away the phone get into it concentrate, focus or just go for a walk instead where you can check your phone all you want because not only are you distracting yourself in the gym your probably distracting others too.

No PhonesTexting At The Gym

Set Your Playlist 

A good playlist will make you sprint faster, make you lift heavier and help you beat your PB!

No joke a great playlist will make your workouts better, more intense and will keep you focused, but you need to have a good playlist, actually multiple good playlists (depending on you humor for the day) ready to go.

There’s no point in being that person flicking through to find the song they want at the bench when there is a Que behind you ready to go (don’t be that guy!).

Take a good hour at home make a couple of kick ass playlist’s I recommend having a 90’s gangster rap one for heavy lifting (surly it’s not just me?) but honestly a great couple of playlists are essential.


Psych Yourself Up!

This is a really good one for those times that you’re just not feeling it and it really works.

I get up every morning before everyone train then get washed, make my son breakfast get him up and ready for the day, pack lunches, play games, do my make up, get dressed for work, walk my son to school, catch the bus for work and when I get into bed at night the last thing I want to do EVER is set my alarm extra early to work out (not complaining I wouldn’t change my life for the world but by god I do be tired!).

Psyching myself up is the only thing that gets me up out of bed and ready to train!

Every night I have my workout clothes ready to go (although I usually just train in my jammies… don’t judge), I lay in bed and before I go asleep I do my whole morning training in my head step by step…

I get up, I get my mat, timer, water, towel water I need, walk to the sitting room, stretch, and start training I do all of this step by step in my head and go asleep this has me psyched and ready to go by the time morning comes around I am up out of bed and rearing to go!

There is definitely some science behind this that I don’t have the jargon or spelling to explain but just trust me in saying it works, try it!



This is a hard one for anyone, you don’t want to hire a personal trainer you don’t want to ask the creepy guy in the gym (no offense I know you are all not creepy, guys) so you either leave that move/exercise or you do it in the wrong form both are silly ideas and there really is an easy way….

Google it, no seriously there are so many fitness channels online nowadays that will show you broken down step by step how to do a certain move, get a friend to watch you and the video and make sure your doing it write.

Of course this should NOT be done for strenuous/advanced or dangerous moves but for every day little moves go for it don’t let money (or the lack of) or the fear of doing a wrong move in the gym embarrass you out of training google it and own it!


Raise That Heart Rate!

Within your training no matter what kind or type of training you are doing you NEED to raise your heart rate to get great results!

Jogging… Jogging I find is usually a fall down for people, I often get told by clients and friends alike that they go on jogs every evening/morning for hours with no results or results at the beginning that then immediately stopped.

Not common knowledge to everyone but your doing it wrong, if you like jogging and want to up your results keep jogging but at intervals where you will sprint!

Sound intimidating? Well it shouldn’t no doubt you’re well able for it!

Start slow jog for two minutes sprint for 30 seconds and repeat see how you feel… lesson your jogging time to 1 minute then a 30 second sprint this will help get that heart rate up which in turn will help you burn that unwanted fat!

This is why I always praise H.I.I.T (high intensity interval training) it doesn’t take hours to do and keeps that heart rate up which is what attributes to them amazing results!

There are so many different watches, body strap monitors and gadgets that can monitor your heart rate on the market some super expensive and some cheaper, I personally have a FitBit that wasn’t that expensive and does a great job!



That’s all from me today guys!

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As Always Love & Positivity

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