Chicken, Rice and Broccoli – How Exciting!

Hi Guys!

I have to say I am a fan of Monday’s! The new start to a new week excites me (weird hey?) most people start everything new on a Monday, new diets, new healthy plans, new fitness routines the list goes on… or actually it doesn’t in this case because I have a serious mind block today but how and ever I will go on.


So today’s post is something I know a lot of people struggle with and that’s healthy foods.

Everyone knows oats, eggs, Quinoa, protein rich and antioxidant rich meals are a go to for breakfasts, you only have to have a look through your Instagram feed in the morning and you will find numerous posts of fancy overnight oats (while overnight oats aren’t actually fancy they always serve something fancy with them), painstakingly made eggs or protein pancakes to back this up.

Almond+Berry+Vegan+Overnight+OatsChocolate Over Night Oats

Now whats there dinner look like? Usually again something uber fancy that would probably take 3 hours to find the ingredients to and then and hour or two to prepare during the time you have taken to read the operation that is the recipe your inner fatty has begun choosing what pizza topping’s you want from Domino’s.

Fancy Healthy Dinners

So what’s easy then?, easy, quick and healthy?

This question will always turn up as something like chicken, boiled rice (preferably brown) and broccoli, and to save even more time make a lot and divide it up in ever so appetizing plastic containers for the rest of the week!


Winning! no actually NOT WINNING!

I use to prep my meals like this and it worked I was just over 7 stone with abs and good arms but boy did I HATE meal times, I don’t know how many times I food poisoned myself by not storing my containers correctly (whoops) but honestly it was horrible, now don’t get me wrong a lot of people prep like this and love it (I suspect their lying and cry on the inside) I was extremely moody, like ridiculously so! I was often in a bad humor and close to snapping someone should have definitely given me a Mars Bar ASAP but if it wasn’t in a container, I wasn’t having it!

I thought at the time this was being healthy, this was meeting my Macros and this was what fitness models had to do, wow I was wrong and someone should have smacked me with that heavy ass ‘meal prep’ bag that came with me everywhere!

Being healthy isn’t just about what you eat it has to be about how your feel,

Your thin, irritable and miserable? Wow I aspire to that – said no one ever!

Skinny and Miserable Thin And UnhappyThin and Sad

Being healthy means you mind and body I honestly have respect for anyone who sticks to this sort of meal prep for a goal, show excreta but my god it’s hard and it even harder for those around you as their the ones who has to put up with your shitty attitude.

I use to go to bed super early because I would be still starving although I ate everything then someday’s I would have to force down my meals because I was already full from the meal before but I knew I had to get it into me for gains in the gym, it consumed me, I didn’t eat proper meals with my son or family because I had a food schedule that I had to stick to, how pathetic does that sound, like really?

Since moving to Australia I have learned so much about being confident in my body, loving my body, being happy with my imperfections and loving food again, a little to much when I first arrived to be honest! I piled on the pounds after being so strict for so long I wanted to eat everything! and god I really did! I hated my FAT body, I was so embarrassed again and didn’t want to live here, who wants to be in a hot county when they are overweight? I wanted to be somewhere freezing where I could disguise my fat under layers and layers of clothing.

Weight gain to Weight lossforever

After the whale stage I decided to get back eating healthy and training although I couldn’t face going back to that meal prepping miserable monster I once was, I wanted to enjoy my healthy meals, enjoy my training and be happy with my body.

It’s taken a long time to get where I am now with my body, I am happy with it I am not as thin as I used to be and I am not overweight, I have curves, a booty, strong arms and a toned stomach some bits of me jiggle and I am sure my stomach could look better like before but I no longer make my fitness a hate based platform, where I will kill myself hours everyday and starve for perfection I would rather spend that time focusing on being happy and spending time with my son being happy, eating meals with him and promoting a positive body image to him.


I realized I don’t have to be a fitness model to be a fitness advocate, I train hard, I learn new things everyday, I have studied fitness, I have studied nutrition and I will share my knowledge as well as try to promote body confidence, healthy not skinny is the way forward.


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As Always Love & Positivity

Nicole X Cautious 2 Confident Fitness