Bloating Issues? Forget Gluten Free!

Bloating is something that most of us unfortunately suffer from, and there can be so many different cases.

The main cause of bloating are foods that you eat as well as drinks, and especially fizzy drinks or alcoholic drinks, okay so you stay away from fizzy drinks and eat quite healthy but you still get bad bloating?


Well this brings me to an interesting fact on bloating.

A lot and I want to highlight that A LOT of people bloat and put it down to Gluten, nowadays if you have any sort of reaction to food weather it be bloating or a bad stomach the first conclusion people jump to is that they are Gluten Intolerant, Celiac or it is an Allergy (Please stop self diagnosing!).

There are many different reasons for reactions to food and choosing to rule out Gluten entirely because you are bloating without any research or testing could actually be harmful for your body, you can read up on why a Gluten Free Diet isn’t so healthy if it’s not necessary here  Not So Healthy .



So what are some of the reasons that we bloat when eating certain foods, what must we avoid?

Don’t get me wrong if you have an intolerance, allergy or are a celiac cut out gluten as soon as possible, but if you don’t know what’s causing your bloating tummy and or cramps and gas don’t just jump on the Gluten Free bandwagon.

So where did all the Gluten hate come from in anyways you ask?


Professor Peter Gibson, from Monash University and the Alfred Hospital, in Melbourne, was one of the first who suggested that gluten sensitivity could be behind bloating, 

But now he believes these symptoms are actually caused by short-chain carbohydrates called FODMAPs – also found in many products that contain gluten. 

Myth Busted! 

These carbohydrates are fermented in the bowel which means fluid is drawn in and gas is produced which equals bloating, cramps and gas!

So what are FODMAPS and how can we avoid them?

They are foods that contain poorly absorbed sugar as a result, they are rapidly fermented by bacteria in the bowel which draws in fluid and produces gas which can cause symptoms including bloating, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Foods containing FODMAPs include honey, apples, pears, stone fruit such as peaches, onions, garlic, cabbage, beans and sweeteners such as sorbitol.

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Foods high in FODMAPs also include milk, ice cream, yogurt, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, pasta, biscuits, watermelon, lentils, baked beans and chickpeas.


This explains (well to me in anyways) why a lot of people have digestion issues with milk, ice cream, yogurt etc but yet aren’t actually allergic.

Now I haven’t done this post to food shame people, or to say that if you eat these foods your unhealthy because that’s so not true.

This post is to just simply highlight some factors that may be causing you pain, gas and bloating that you may not have heard of before (I certainly didn’t know until I done my research!).


So if your a stomach sufferer maybe try to cut out your intake of the foods listed above and see how you get on, it’s cheaper then jumping on a gluten free diet (plus you won’t be gaining the extra weight from the gluten free products! You can read about that here Not So Healthy ).

Although if your issues persist always seek professional medical help.

As Always Love & Positivity

Nicole X Cautious 2 Confident Fitness