Are You Accountable For Your Weight?

Hey Fitfam!

I hope your week is going well and that Monday wasn’t too harsh!


Monday’s the day most people start their new weight-loss journey, fitness lifestyle or set themselves a new fitness goal to meet which lets be honest is usually forgotten about by Wednesday, them humpday motivation pictures on insta are cool and all but so is the stuffed crust bbq meat lovers pizza which is on special today! (sneaky pizza place, they know your at your weakest on Wednesday).


So what can motivate you to stay on track to lose some of that chub before the holiday period?

I said it before and I will say it again, get a fitness diary! Now this doesn’t have to be a $50 diary that formats your food intake perfectly it can be a $2 notepad from target. It’s not just about writing down what you eat it’s about writing down how you feel.


Yes that McDonald’s brekkie was fab and that’s what you’ll remember the next time your passing it after the gym, but writing down how you felt an hour after when you felt like a pig, when you regret the carby goodness when your starving an hour later and searching the presses for something else to curb your hunger pangs even though you’ve already eaten double your food intake/macros in makkas, when the next day you wake up with a grease loaded pimple slap bang in between your brows (not so on fleek now are they?) Yes write that all down, this will keep you motivated this will keep you away from the bad (yet yummy) stuff and keep you going even when you hit that hump on Wednesday. So the next time when you’re passing Mcdonald’s before 10:30am and you’re tempted you’ll look in your diary and remember how ”not worth it” it really is.

All the fitness pictures/fitness quotes in the world won’t keep you motivated if you don’t want to keep motivated yourself, give yourself a break, motivate yourself on real feelings, real emotions from your own body and mind. Write down how shit you feel when your alarm goes off for the gym, write down how much you would rather stay in bed, write down the pain you feel walking to the gym, then write down how you feel after your workout I am sure words like kick-ass, gangster, powerful, pumped, energetic, proud, fitness model feels, accomplished will all be included in your post workout feels. Read this the next time your not really arsed with going to the gym and I’m sure this will motivate you more than any Victoria Secret models body or any fitness quote out there!

Writing down your feelings towards food and fitness is the best weight loss planner out there plus its a completely inexpensive weight loss tool. So if you want to motivate yourself to lose your chubby belly, tone up your arm giggles buy a diary ASAP!

Sounds great I will buy one today and fill it out everyday, I am bound to look a million dollar’s by the Holiday season!

Well there is one step you need to complete to make sure your self motivating, what is it you ask?



Another fall down for new fitness routines, is we start something and drop it a few day’s later let’s be honest we all do it! No shaming here guy’s just a simple truth and heads up 🙂

Carry your fitness diary with your everywhere and tell people about it! Yes nobody likes that fitness fanatic friend who preaches their weight loss tips and tricks 24/7 but hey who cares what people think telling people that your trying to tone that tub holds you accountable. It put’s a bit of healthy pressure on yourself to stick to your new fitness routine so spread the word show people your weight loss motivation diary. Real friends won’t be bothered with your preaching and fake friends will judge you behind your back but hey seeing their super jell face when your the slimmed down / toned up hotty in your NYE pictures will be worth the burning ears and sly comments!

At the end of the day you have the be one one who wants to change, to slim down, muscle up, tone the giggly bits, or gain some giggly bits whatever your body goals are you need to want it, and nothing will motivate you more than your own fitness/fatty feels.

Don’t forget to write down how you feel about your body and in this section we’re going to try focus on only the good stuff mainly because I could probably write 4 books on the parts of my body I am unhappy with (as could most of us) It’s in our nature to focus on our bad bits so in this diary we can only write about or feelings so our bad bits for example my wobbly fatty arms make me feel embarrassed in tank tops write down the feeling to encourage you to tone them up and feel better and confident in tank tops, always end your bad bit comment in a positive light finish it off with how you are going to improve your bad bit and how amahzinggg you will fill when you work on your bad bit. When we focus on our good bits were going to write feels and were going to make sure for every body hate comment we make that we make double body love comments because it’s so important to have self love even when we are trying to improve ourselves.


As always lovely’s,

Peace and positivity

Nicole X Cautious 2 Confident Fitness

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