Smoothies The Do’s and Dont’s

Hey guys!

I don’t want to panic you all but it’s the 8th of December!!

The Christmas rush is well and truly in full swing and what better way to celebrate then to get a freebie for yourself! Because lets be honest during this holiday period all of our cash is going out to spoil our nearest and dearest oh and that guy in the office who you got for the Kris Kringle.

There’s only 4 more days left until I announce the three winners of my Instagram Competition, this is my first fitness giveaway so I am super excited to send out the prizes, which include Nike Gym Gear and lots of Health and Fitness Goodies!


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Today I wanted to delve into the world of everything smoothies!

Smoothies are usually a gray area for most, yes they do promote the healthy vibe but in fact a lot of them also contain a serious amount of sugar which often turns people anti-smoothie.

Picture it your happily sitting by the fountain slurping your delicious berry power smoothie smirking like the health guru you are as you choose it over a McDonald’s Brekkie then boom *Tara from your Pilates class see’s you and can’t help but inform you about all that nasty sugar your ingesting, and how she would never let a nasty smoothie pass her lips! wow thanks Tara….


Bad nutrition is like the yearly vomiting bug it gets passed around quicker than a pregnancy scandal in year 6!

Do your research Tara might have sounded like she knew her sh*t but lets be honest unless it’s coming directly from a nutritionist or someone in the fitness industry who has studied nutrition maybe ask google better yet ask  MyFitnessPal (again I’m praising my favorite app, but honestly it’s ahhhmazingggg).

So yes Tara wasn’t wrong most smoothies are ridiculously high in sugar, some can pack as many grams of the sweet stuff as are in two cans of Coke, shocking hey?

Usually in reply to this fact you get people who will agree but add that their smoothie is made from only natural sugar found in fruit or honey! That’s great, but the natural stuff will still send your blood sugar levels sky high regardless if it is ‘natural’ or not.

Now before you jump on the smoothie hate train with Tara I want to give you some tips to make sure you can still enjoy your smoothies without rotting your teeth or sending those sugar levels sky high!

After all sugar isn’t the worse thing in the world we just need to make sure were not overdoing it!

Our cells require glucose (a type of sugar found in sweet fruit) for fuel. Whether you eat fruit, or no fruit at all, your cells must have glucose in order to function. Even if you ate no fruit at all and went on the strictest of low carb diets, your body will still convert fat or protein into glucose to feed your cells.

So it isn’t a bad thing at all that you get dietary glucose from fruit. There is nothing wrong with dietary glucose. Sugar isn’t the problem, it’s excess sugar.

So how do we make our smoothie work for us? Hears my swap list!

Bananas < Avocados

For most of us bananas in our smoothies are a must! It’s a perfect base and gives you a great creamy consistency but it also gives you at least 30 grams of sugar. Instead, opt for an avocado this will give you the creamy consistency you’re looking for plus they’re low in sugar but amazingly high in fiber, potassium, and healthy fat.

Fruit < Greens

When you think of a smoothie you think berries, strawberries, raspberries, mango, pineapple, oranges etc. but adding these to your smoothies piles up the sugar content really quick!

Okay so we just ruled out our smoothie fillers so what do we put in then?

The healthiest ingredient you can put in your smoothie are green vegetables like kale, spinach, collard greens, so make these the bulk of your healthy cocktail. You’ll get less sugar by default and more antioxidants, fiber, and other vital nutrients.

Yogurt < Milk

Most yogurts also have a high sugar content so add some milk and ice into your smoothies for the same feel!

Instead of going full fat milk always choose an “unsweetened” non dairy milk alternative like unsweetened almond milk, soy milk or coconut milk for your smoothie.

Sweeteners < Booster

With so many little add ins available for your smoothie I will give you some help and tell you to steer clear of sugary yogurt, honey, and other add ins and boost your smoothie with chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, raw nuts, carob powder, cocoa powder, lemon juice, matcha green tea powder, and bee pollen which will no doubt add some nutritional benefits to your delicious smoothie without raising your sugar content.

Cheap < Quality

Another booster you can see in many smoothie shops is protein powder which obviously screams healthy to those who are trying to figure out what smoothie to choose.

Make sure you ask about the protein powder that they use, ask them can you have a quick look, most smoothie shops are known to buy cheap sugar fueled protein powder that lets be honest isn’t the healthiest.

So hopefully after reading this the next time your at the smoothie shop or just experimenting in your kitchen you will be able to make your smoothie as healthy as possible while still being yummy of course!

As always, love & positivity!

Nicole X Cautious 2 Confident Fitness



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