Stocking Fillers For a Fitness Freak!

Hey guy’s

I have decided to do the standard blogger’s Christmas Present Ideas post but mine is for a Fitness Fanatic!

Were probably a hard one to buy for (well not me I love any kind of present) but your usual go to’s such as chocolates, hot chocolate sets accompanied with marshmallows just won’t cut it for these iron pumping gym bunnies!

It’s nice to buy a friend something you know they will use (really use not like those earmuffs you got them last year, what even was that?!) Nothing encourages us down our fitness journey paths more then new gym gear/toy’s honestly it’s more motivating then ten fitness model’s Instagram accounts!

There’s so much ‘stuff’ on the fitness market that you can buy which can also be a big waste of money!

If they slap a celeb on the pack who’s recently lost a ton of weight it’s a hit seller (even if it’s nothing to do with their weight loss, I don’t want to say drugs and surgery but technically I didn’t I typed it, I’m looking at you Geordie shore cast!) It’s sad that marketing can get away with it but hey I’ve done some trying & testing as well as some good research into my fitness product list for the best stocking fillers, so here it goes!

Fitbit Charge HR 

I have one of these bad boy’s myself and absolutely love it! I started of with the Fitbit Charge and moved onto this as the heart rate function is something I really needed due to doing a lot of High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T).


It has so many cool functions one of my favorites is that you can download the App on your phone which allows you to track all of your activity and compete against friends, don’t worry if none of your friends have a Fitbit you can also join challenges with the Fitbit Community!

It also has a sleep tracker which is quite interesting I was shocked at how many times I actually woke up per night (explains my grumpiness).

This to me is a great buy! It’s amazing for tracking all of your health/fitness stats and it really is a great motivator.


They retail at $180.00 AUD and €150.00 Euro which is a bit pricey just for a stocking filler but definitely an amazing present and well worth the money!

Polor FT2 Heart Rate Monitor Training Computer 

This is another great one! If a Fitbit isn’t your thing why not invest in a heart rate monitor? Again there are so many on the market which such a range of prices it’s often hard to decipher which would be a good choice?

Polor have a good name in the industry and not only that there also good quality without costing you a fortune.

One of it’s best features (in my opinion) is the manual target zone which allows you to set the target zone for your training, when you heart rate is where you have dictated that you want it to be (for optimum fat burning) you can set an alarm to go off which lets you know without looking that your hitting your targets.

This watch is also water proof meaning you can use it whilst in the pool which is a win win for me.


This retails at $80.00 AUD and €45.00 Euro which I think is a steal!

Cute Water Bottle 

Anyone who’s friends with a gym rat or fitness freak will know the ridiculous amount of water that they’re constantly drinking!

This cheap yet cool water bottle is a perfect add on present or stocking filler, it’s also BPA free and reusable! It can be found in so many stores (all around the same price range) This one I found on although I bought mine in a health store in Randwick.


This retails at $14.00 AUD and €10.00 Euro.

A Fitness Selection Box!


For those of you lucky enough to be in Ireland at this amazing time of year I would 100% recommend you but yourself, a fitness fanatic friend (and maybe another one to post to me) one of these amazing selection boxes from Body First Nutrition!

It’s Ireland’s first protein selection box and is filled with amazing treats! And it gets even better those treats are picked by you, you can pick five treats for your selection box from  popular brands such as Quest Nutrition, Oh Yeah Low Carb, Nutramino and Muscle Pharm Combat Crunch!

These retail at €14.95 – amazing price for an amazing present!

And if your not lucky enough to live in Ireland or have a friend to post you over one of these bad boy’s why not get a little box or a nice little make up bag and fill it with some nutritious protein goodies, this also shows that you’ve been creative and made some effort – winning!

So this is just a couple of great finds, gym gear is always a good choice too but if I get into that we’ll be here all day!

So hopefully this has given you some good ideas for your fitness fanatic friend or just for yourself if you feel like you deserve some spoiling!

As always, love & positivity

Nicole X Cautious 2 Confident Fitness