Stay Guilt (Gut) Free This Holiday Season!

It’s getting uncomfortably close to Christmas guys and I am in full on panic mode, I have finally got all my little ones presents but am seriously lacking in Christmas Day festivity plans, the downside of being the other side of the world from your entire fambam!

Tis’ the season to be jolly, overindulgent and sluggish, well maybe that didn’t actually make the cut for an iconic Christmas sing song but hey, it’s true!

If your like my family you’re already two or three roses/celebrations tins in! Your advent calendar announced Christmas Day week’s ago and you’ve already drank your way through two Christmas parties and made sure you’ve hit up Mackers the following day to cure your sin’s….

Sound about right?

Well Christmas time is a time we all usually skip the diet, and workout routine and pile on those holiday pounds! Now I don’t want to shame anyone here, Christmas comes once a year and heck you deserve to treat yourself and enjoy the festivities without feeling guilty so here are some of my top tips for staying as healthy as possible this holiday season without being a starving Grinch (lets be honest nobody wants that!).

Time Your Meals Accordingly 

Over the festive period plan when you eat around the festivities it sounds obvious but most don’t and that leads to overindulgence and that horrible stuffed feeling.

If you know your going out for Christmas dinner with the gang have a small lunch that way you can enjoy your dinner and not have to cut back on your intake simple steps really, but they’ll help you to steer clear from unwanted pounds.


Be Realistic With Your Portions

During the holiday period our eyes often do become bigger than our bellies! We pile our plates high and make sure we head for seconds if not thirds! Be realistic with your portions, it’ll taste even better if your truly savoring your food why not start with a small plate to start and maybe go for some seconds (you don’t want to insult your chef after all) but keep it small.


Watch Your In Take

Now more than ever it’s hugely important to keep track of what you’re eating this may sound scary as your aware of how much sh*t your eating but if you write down those eight rose’s you’ve had before breakfast it may help you avoid them for the rest of the day, or it may help you spread out your sweets for the more crucial times of the day like that evening cup of tea!


What Are You Drinking? 

The festive period always involves a few drinks no matter who you are! So take a look at what you’re drinking wine although my old favorite can see you pile on the pounds so if your having some try to stick to a few glasses, or switch to the low cal option of vodka soda and lime, your first one will taste yuck but the rest will go down a treat!

Try to steer clear of the likes sugary energy drinks and vodka I’m super guilty of ordering this combo and have done for years but honestly it’s packed full of sooooo much sugar that will not only rot your teeth but convert directly to fat, a losing situation all round!

Drink loads of water, well you should always drink lots of water but if your the kind of person who lets your water intake slide generally you should push yourself to down some pints before, during and after you night out!

Hangovers = greasy food, lets be honest no one ever woke up after a two day bender and gushed about how they wanted a spinach omelette, try to keep your greasy foods to a minimum if you spent all night chugging sugary alcohol or bubbly beer for that matter!

Weather you want to or not the day after your night out have a good breakfast trade the greasy take away for a fake fry up using turkey sausages and bacon heck fry an egg but don’t call the local grease house and if you do make the call of shame only allow it once a week for that hangover day.

And for those of us who don’t drink stick to soda and lime as opposed to fizzy alternatives such as cola, and if you fancy a moctail go ahead and get one, but stick to the one their also filled with sugary tooth rotting ingredients.


Stick To Your Exercise Routine 

Its always important for both your physical and mental health to have some kind of exercise routine.

And it’s important for anybody at a time of festive fun and overindulgence to make sure that they are staying active weather that be their usual gym routine or a simple walk every evening with their dog it’s super important to keep this up.

If you don’t have a steady routine make one this doesn’t have to be intense but just enough to keep you healthy , don’t spend this festive season sitting around eating doing zero exercise and then being that ‘new years resolution’ guy you can start a resolution any day why not today?


So with that being said, go eat, drink and be merry! But also be health conscious too!

As always love & positivity!

Nicole X Cautious 2 Confident Fitness