Embracing The Love This Festive Season

January has always been known as a month where people often slip into a period of depression or feeling down, usually for a number of reasons one of which being the ‘aftermath of the festive period’.

The New Year, New Start is over all the festive decorations come down, the invoices and bills from the festive season start rolling in and there is not a lot to look forward to… to name but a few reasons for us feeling the January Blues!

*Disclaimer* I am in no way a doctor or a psychiatrist; if you suffer with depression please go seek medical advice from your health practitioner.

The New Year can also bring lots of bad body feels! It’s often a time where we are after overindulging over the holidays and are feeling a little rough (and wider) around the edges!

A good way to avoid this feeling? Well check out my Stay Guilt (Gut) Free This Holiday Season blog post for some tips!

Another way to keep up the holiday cheer even after all the tinsel has been packed away is to keep some good feeling motivators around!

  • Love Notes!

This is an excellent ‘good feels’ motivator and can be made with minimal costs!

The idea is simple and so easy to execute, get an empty mason jar (empty jam jar rinsed out) or you can buy them in most stores that have ‘home sections’, and if you find yourself stuck you can even use any old container just jazz it up with some glitter, stickers or leave it plain it is after all entirely up to you!


Cut up pieces of paper (go coloured for a nice effect) these will be for your good vibes!

Now what you write on these ‘good vibe cards’ is entirely up to yourself!

  •  Google ‘motivational quotes’ and write the ones you love.
  • Write down some good memories that happened go small and big to make you really learn to value and appreciate moments. For example going for tea and scones with your mum, that time on holidays you sky dived, the time a colleague/customer gave you a lovely compliment.
  • Jot down some things you love about yourself, whether it’s a physical feature or a personal characteristic, this will be an awkward one for most but remember self-love is so important!
  •  Write down some goals for the future again go small and big!
  • My favourite types of notes are little drawings from my little one!

These are just some ideas, you can literally write whatever you like, writing a number of different card types will make the process of picking one out more interesting as you won’t know what to expect!


Every morning, or just when your particularly feeling down, open your jar pick a random card and take a few moments to reflect on the note you have left yourself. As I said it’s a very simple idea but is honestly a great pick me up! If you’re short a Christmas present or if you have a friend who has an awkward January birthday it also makes a great heartfelt gift!

  • Exercise

Okay now this is not a new year, new me promotion but exercise is known to help lift your mood as well as help target depression (along with a lot of other methods) it also helps to boost your confidence giving you more reason to love yourself!


If you aren’t the gym bunny type and dread everything about the gym why not take up something that you’ll enjoy, and if you’re short on cash don’t worry get out your laptop and hop on to YouTube! There is literally great quality training videos online for free for every type of exercise/training so no excuses!

Why not organize even walks with one of your friends, cheap and cheerful plus you can get a gossip in while toning up your wobbly bits!


Another thing that always helps me cope with anxiety or stress is Yoga!

I only took up the practice fully in September and have noticed a significant change in my moods and mindset plus again you can become a devote yogi through YouTube without spending a penny! Check some of the best Yoga Channels here -> Yoga For Beginners (Like Me)

  • Chatting

Again sounds simple right? You wouldn’t believe how many people suffering with depression or feeling low that will hide those bad feelings away from the world, so reach out if you’re feeling down organize lunch with a friend and let them know! Honestly there is nothing better than a chat to make yourself feel better!

And if it’s you that is feeling down reach out! Yes it may feel awkward and embarrassing but nothing will lift that weight off your shoulders quicker than venting and letting those who care know how you are feeling!


  • Switch It Off

Focus on being present! It’s easy to get caught up in the cyber world where in comparison to your life (no matter how great it may be) everything looks amazing!

Social media is where you can show people the amazing stuff you get up to let’s be honest there is always more to a picture and just because others look like they have everything and a joyous life doesn’t mean yours is crappy, it’s important to take breaks from social media after all its not real life.


Being present around friends, family and those you love will make you appreciate your life even more!

  • Practicing Gratitude 

This is an amazing way to really put things into perspective especially when you are feeling a bit down.

The best/easiest way to accomplish this is to get a Gratitude Diary, again this doesn’t have to be an expensive purchase use an old notebook that you have lying around, what’s important is the diary’s content.


Write a list of everything you are grateful for, you won’t believe how long this list will be and how much stuff we take for granted!

Everyday look at this list, add to it, read it out loud.

Learn to appreciate all the little things and the big things you have being thankful is such a powerful thing; no doubt it will make you feel a whole lot better about your current circumstances.

  • Put On Some Tunes

Music can change your mood dramatically, don’t believe me just put on some Adele you will be an emotional wreck in no time!

But that’s not our aim, were looking for cheerful music, music that will put us in good spirits which will change from person to person!

Make a playlist on your phone of cheesy up beat hits that would put anyone in a good mood, pop in some earbuds and have a little bop around your room (lets not pretend we haven’t done this before!)


Music is an amazing mood changer so the next time you are feeling down make sure to put on some ‘happy’ music.

As always, love & positivity

Nicole X Cautious 2 Confident Fitness