Trouble With NY Resolutions? Check Out These Tips!

Woooo I can’t believe that it’s almost 2016!

And with the new year comes a fresh slate for everyone (after all the drinking and smooching at midnight of course!).

As we all know New Years is a time for setting goals and making new plans for the new year ahead, which usually includes working on our health.

From upping our usual regimes to starting out afresh New Year’s always sparks a fitness frenzy, between packed out gyms and sold out health stores New Years is definitely a time for body/lifestyle overhauls.


I have to say nothing annoys me more than people bitching about the ‘new year new me’ newbies in the gym. We should support anybody that wants to get fit/healthy, so what if the gym’s packed and it’s throwing out your usual routine, this New Year try to have a little bit of patience, instead of giving these new faces the stink eye maybe offer to spot them or just even give them a friendly head nod, a little encouragement goes a long way!

*Rant Over*

Every New Year my Facebook news feed is filled with status’ from people saying they are starved on their new diet, or just ate and are hungry already and this is not what being healthy entails.

Diets are usually hard to stick to, they cut out so much food that ends up with you being tired, hungry, fatigued and turning back to the ‘bad stuff’ yes you may have lost weight at the beginning of your diet but coming off that strict diet will only see you pile it back on, which can leave you deflated and body hating.


This year focus on eating  nutritional and healthy foods rather than cutting out all the bad foods, focus on finding a gym, class, exercise that you enjoy rather than hating training and only doing it to lose weight.

Here are three helpful ways to keep your New Year’s Resolutions in Check and to keep your focused!

  • Set Short Term Goals
    It is much harder to stick to your resolutions if they are long term goals which will take a while to complete, as you may lose focus. The best thing to do is to break down your long term goals into smaller ones you can achieve bit by bit to reach the long term one.By setting short term goals you have the added pressure of time that may motivate you to try harder and will give you a date to work towards. This is one of my favourite tips because it helps you stay organized and makes something that seems large and unreachable, a real possibility.


  • Write Them Down
    Having your goals and resolutions written down will help you to visualize them and keep them in your mind. My favourite thing to do is to create a mood board filled with pictures and quotes that can help you reach your goals. If you are working towards achieving a toned body you feel confident in, stick up pictures of people that motivate you. Remember it is not about looking exactly like someone else, but using them as inspiration and motivation for your own life.Telling your friends about your goals can help as well, because it will keep you accountable and voicing them will make them seem real.


  • Continue Assessing & Re-evaluating Your Resolutions
    One of the biggest reasons people quit and give up on their resolutions is because they might hit a wall or realise it isn’t working. This is perfectly okay and I want you girls to remember the point of a goal or resolution is to better yourself and your life. If something isn’t working for you, it may be time to re-evaluate and make changes to your resolution. 

    For example if you are saving for something and have a weekly budget, but are finding it hard to stick to it – adjust the amount you want to save each week.If you are trying to eat healthier but keep binging because you are depriving yourself, try not to give up on all your favourite foods all together so you don’t become unhappy and sabotage your progress.

    Evaluate word 

I just want to take this time to wish you all a Happy New Year, filled with love, laughter, happiness and prosperity!

As always love & positivity,

Nicole X Cautious 2 Confident Fitness