Train With Me!

So I am super excited to finally have my first Train With Me! video live on my YouTube Channel!

This is a huge feat as I have been literally threatening a YouTube Channel since the start of 2015 but honestly kept putting it of, I kept doubting myself for silly reasons and am really proud to have finally bit the bullet and got on with it!

Training videos are something that I love to do! I think it’s mainly due to the fact that without YouTube Channels and Fitness Videos I would probably still be overweight and unhappy!

When I started my Fitness Journey nearly four years ago now (Jesus I can’t believe its been that long!) I didn’t have money for a personal trainer, a gym membership, to pay a babysitter so I could attend a pay as you go gym class, or to buy any needed equipment.

For me I started going through YouTube channels religiously, every fitness model I followed on Instagram had tonnes of great workout videos readily available for me to watch with step by step instructions on how to have the correct technique, this is how my fitness journey started and I wanted to give back to the YouTube World with my own fitness videos, this was a dream I had and now it’s a reality.


My First Video is Booty and Leg Training an area I know is highly sought after to be pert, tight, toned and big, my first tutorial will help you work on that with zero equipment needed!

I hope you enjoy my Train With Me! videos! I will be uploading one per week every Wednesday as well as a recipe video every Friday!

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As always love & positivity

Nicole X Cautious 2 Confident Fitness