Honest Blogger?

Hi Guy’s!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend and are having a relaxing Sunday Evening.

As some of you may know new blogging legislation has come about in Ireland (about time it has already been in place in England, America and Australia) the new rules are that all bloggers now have to let their readers/watchers/subscribers know when they are being paid to promote a product.

Which is a brilliant rule, how many of us have rushed out and bought a product our favorite bloggers swear by only to be hugely disappointed, now you may have at the time put it down to your own faults, like maybe your skin is different from your favorite blogger, maybe you stored it wrong or maybe you didn’t read the directions thoroughly.

Or maybe just maybe the product was sh*t and the blogger was only promoting it because he/she is being paid to do so, which a lot of Irish bloggers got away with well until now that is.

She Said blog

I follow a lot of bloggers, I love supporting my fellow Irish bloggers especially, so I was really disappointed to see one of my Dublin Favorites sending out a few Snapchats saying how she wanted to be as transparent as possible to her followers and that SHE decided that from now on she will tell her followers when she is being paid to promote a product because she really loves all of her followers and always wants to be honest with them – what a load of rubbish!

This wasn’t her decision at all nor is it transparent, it is a law that she now has to follow but her ‘false message’ to her followers really showed that in fact she is being far from honest with them.


I just wanted to make my readers aware of this new law, maybe you want to start your own blog and need to know the latest rules and regulations, or maybe you won’t fall for the next amazing product your Favorite Blogger is promoting this week when you notice the #ad or #sponsored hashtags after their recommendations.

*I just want to add that their is no Blog Hate here, I just want all of my readers to know these new regulations 🙂

I am currently just baking my last dish for my new recipe blog to go up tomorrow so be sure to check that out, and have an amazing Sunday!

As always love & positivity!

Nicole X Cautious 2 Confident Fitness