Fighting The ‘Funk’ Flab

Hi Guy’s!

Happy Monday, I hope you all had an amazing weekend filled with laughter.

Today’s post is a little bit on the raw side for me, ‘fighting the funk fab’ may had some of you’s wonder what this means. A ‘funk’ to me is a time in your life that your going through a hard time, your struggling; it maybe for a number of reasons or just one but either way your down in the dumps, drowning in your own problems with no visible way out.  Sounds bleak huh? Well it is and we all go through these ‘funks’ from time to time, sometimes you may read the secret and get on with it and sometimes the secret just won’t cut it!

image (14)

This was a beautiful day on the beach I felt so uncomfortable in a two piece.

These times in your life its hard to stick to the positive things, its hard to stick to a healthy lifestyle when your feeling down, you will have an excuse for everything and your excuse will be that your in a funk. You can be so anxious that all you do is lock yourself away and what happens when your hiding away? you start eating everything out of boredom maybe out of impulse either way its not good for your health or physique.

Having my fitness platform is something I love, I love to share my workouts, posts, stories and progress, I love the thought that one of my posts may encourage someone to do something to better their health, maybe try a dish or supplement I swear by, or maybe try to follow one of my zero equipment workouts, that’s the reason I post, blog & vlog after all.

Although sometimes when your going through a though part of your life your not so ‘inspirational’ I always keep a good attitude for my son and keep up with things as much as possible but I am human and I can fall down to, does this mean I am a bad trainer or fitness advocate? No it means that I can get knocked down and get back up, it means I can slip up like all humans of course and I will fight twice as hard to get back where I am meant to be.

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Not even the best concealer could cover my stress related break outs.

Anytime I go through a stressful time of my life my body and face always show it, even if I continue to work out if my nutrition in anyway changes I am left seriously bloated and covered in acne which would make anyone feel down. I have learned over the last year to accept when my body changes, not to feel like I have let anybody down or like I have failed, I am not a ‘Yo-Yo dieter’ nor do I go on any kind of fad craze, I just eat healthy nutritious food and train but sometimes in life bigger things take over and you have to learn to accept that and when the times right hit back even harder!


Then Vs Now – Still a work in progress.

So why am I sharing this, I could have just kept my fall down to myself but I want to show my followers that we all have hard times, though times, where going to the gym and eating nutritional meals are the absolute last things on our minds even if you promote fitness. Don’t be discouraged hurdles are often put in our way to enable us to learn to jump higher!

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I want my followers to know that you can turn anything around and I will always be honest along my journey even with my step backs, I am happy to be well and truly back on track with my lifestyle and am glad I can share my tough times with you all!

So how did I get back on track? Sticking to my macros, training 4 times a week and cutting out dairy. What I have learned is to love my body and to be at peace with it, and that is a huge thing to accomplish. If you want to get fit with me Click Here and subscribe to my YouTube Channel where I will be posting my training sessions and recipes! Lets get fit and healthy together!

As always love & positivity,

Nicole X Cautious 2 Confident Fitness