Tips & Tricks For Tracking Your Results!

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Today’s post is about tracking your fitness and workouts, I often here people talking about their results but they only include their weight loss results for the week, leaving out their body fat percentage, their ‘inches lost’ and their training results, which are all super important yes it can be hard to focus on any other results when weight loss is your main target but trust me focusing on all your different results will motivate and encourage you to keep pushing! To me there is nothing more motivating then seeing your bodies strength improving!


So why should you track your results?

Every week you should aim to be better than your last week or workout. Even if that is by one extra rep or 1 extra kilo- slow progress is better than no progress. Over a 12-week period, imagine if you did an extra 5 reps each week? That’s an extra 60 reps by the 12th week!!

So how do you know if you are progressing or not if you haven’t tracked any progress or monitored your workouts?

Some of my favourite ways to track your results are simply in your calendar on your phone, download a fitness tracking app, or keep a diary with you – that way you have no distractions whilst working out!

My top 10 ways to track results:

  • Put aside the same day and time each week to take progress photos, ensure you keep the same lighting and similar clothing.
  • Track your results after every workout in a diary or app MyFitnessPal and are both really good although I love to have a diary as well sometimes I just find it quicker.
  • Ask a friend to be your workout partner, keeping track of each other’s results.
  • Write your results on a fitness group or buddy system to ensure you are honest and always tracking your results.
  • Set goals that are achievable.
  • Keep a diary with your current results and where your goals results are.
  • Be clear in your mind of how you want to track your results- whether it is photos, weight, measurements, body fat levels, strength, fitness, reps- all are important parts of tracking results, however it may not be achievable to track ALL of the above. So determine what is important to you and track your results with a clear plan.
  • Follow a set training plan, if you don’t have the money to hire a PT or to buy a fitness program online there are so many free training program apps available like Nike Plus, have tonnes of free training programs.
  • If fitness is your goal, you can track your results in a fitness test, this should be done weekly at the same time each week. Doing the same strength test, cardio test every week and monitoring your results to see how much you have improved each time.
  • If you have some extra cash hire a coach or PT to keep you accountable, most trainers offer good deals that you can split payment between you and a friend which again will encourage you even more if you have a friend expecting you to show up every week!


My favourite saying when it comes to tracking results is: ‘Track, or risk falling back’ and it is so true. How do you remember how many reps and at what weight you did last time if you haven’t documented or kept track of it anywhere?

I remember when I first started lifting weights and I would have no idea of the weight I should be lifting, or for how many reps. There are no ‘ideal’ weight numbers, just the amounts that are YOUR best. Once I started tracking my results I became familiar with my results and personal bests on exercises. It became very apparent that once I started tracking my results I saw a huge improvement in my overall strength and fitness!

Although keeping track of your results may be a daunting thing initially, there is only so long you can dig your head into the sand, and once you start to see a positive change in your results you will be motivated to continue even further!


There are so many apps available to help you track your fitness results one of my favourites that I always promote is the MyFitnessPal app not only can you track all your food intake, break down your macros you can also track your workouts!

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As always love & positivity

Nicole X Cautious 2 Confident Fitness