About Us

Cautious 2 Confident Fitness is a brand I created two years ago for myself and for others that struggle with their body image and their weight (weather you’re  overweight, underweight, perfect weight, lacking muscle, lacking shape and everything in between).

Let’s take a step back to where my journey began (I will keep it short & sweet I promise).

Being an overweight unhealthy kid growing up I was NEVER comfortable in my body, I had chubby legs, Hugeeeee arms, a round fatty pregnant like stomach (the ones you see on old men) and a matching round face complete with double chin (attractive I know).

The diet I had consisted of 2 litres of Cola a day minimum, two/three chocolate bars, at least one packet of crisps (chips), usually around 10 biscuits along with breakfast, dinner (always oversized)  and super. I was so unhealthy I danced and played Gaelic (Irish Sport) but I would always be out of breath red and unable to keep up with everybody else. Which only made me feel more uncomfortable in myself and self conscious so I slowly but surely dropped out of all sports & activities.

During my teens I decided after reading an article on bulimia that

‘Wow that would be great for me I can eat what I want and just vomit and it will make me skinny what a great idea!’

Yes what a great idea to want to be bulimic. I carried out this process for a few years and stayed basically the same size and it was NOT a good experience and WAS very harmful to my body.

I was still a fat girl, although I would make myself vomit which only made me hate my body more and become depressed.

After falling pregnant I knew that my health had to change for both myself and my son.

When my son was born I refused to be a heavy girl and use the excuse that many use of ‘ I had a baby so I’m overweight’ which to me is totally rubbish.

I began to bring my son out in the pram and jog well at first it was a brisk walk until I built myself up to sprint after losing lots of weight from all this cardio I realised my body wasn’t strong I needed to build muscle and feed my body the correct nutrients.

I joined the gym discovered my love for weight lifting and H.I.I.T and nutrition and never looked back.

After completing my studies and obtaining my certificate of a Diploma in fitness & personal training In Australia I have started my Blog as an addition to my Instagram page @cautious.2.confident.fitness to help INSPIRE, MOTIVATE & GUIDE anybody out there who is struggling to get the confidence to make the change.

I use this platform to promote self love and a healthy lifestyle from a normal girl (when I say normal), I am a young mother who is passionate about helping people to become healthier & Happier in themselves.

I want to guide my followers to a better mindset and a better body relationship through honest and simple fitness guides. I will post only honest accounts that will assist with all fitness levels if you want to tone tubby parts, firm up the fat, melt fat away and make sure it stays away, gain muscle, carve curves and build a better relationship with your inner self.

Free fitness advice from first hand experience, a fitness education and real life up’s and down’s, I hope we can build a community were we can lean on one another during our fitness highs and fitness lows.

CAUTIOUS – I was overweight, unhappy, embarrassed, unmotivated and uneducated in health and fitness.


CONFIDENT– I am the healthiest I have ever been, happy, proud, confident, and educated in health and fitness.

FITNESS – Both my health, fitness & nutrition as well as my families 🙂

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